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Mar 18 2016

It is Friday and I am bored

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So what else to do but drink and think about women?



After all nothing takes your mind off of stupid ideas by the psychopath who tried to screw us two years ago and has renewed the bidding to screw us now, like women.



Gotta have those selfies!

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Feb 26 2016

Something everyone can use

After last night's Rethuglican slugfest. My takeaways:

Trump does not have as much game as he thinks he does, and needs to put Super Tuesday away quickly. Time is not on his side. That said, he is right about Rubio and Cruz, they have never led anyone or hired anyone. ( Besides hacks like them).

Both Cruz and Rubio are entitled, arrogant pricks. Rubio will make the GOP more inclusive?  I don't think so-especially when the consequences of his tax and economic policies come home to roost. And stop talking about Reagan you worthless piece of shit. You don't know the first thing about the real Ronald Reagan. Chupar una polla culo.

It is a shame Kasich's record is at odds with his rhetoric. He is the only one who looked sane on the stage.His answer on why business is business and vendors don't get to make value judgments on their customers is one I very much agreed with. But then you remember he just defunded planned parenthood. Since he is from Pittsburgh this makes him a:


Oh and by the way, one reason you know he was a bit right is that the real douchbags at National Review came after him immediately.

Or the response from this bag de la douche:


The bible has a word for men like these: Pharisee.


Evangelicals are constantly bellowing about America's moral decay. They could stand to take a look in the mirror

And then there is poor Dr. Carson. 


Every time I think the GOP of 2016 has hit rock bottom, someone takes out a pick ax and digs a new sub-basement. Only one thing to do, and that is drink! Forget beer we need to move straight to the hard stuff:



And after that? Well It's time to get laid!




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Sep 19 2015

Day late and more than a couple of dollars short

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For beer and babes. My apologies. I wish I could say its because I got a better offer-but that would require the S.O. to actual remember that she is supposed to have sex. sad

But one can still admire this:


And drink some of this:


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Aug 27 2015

Writers bloc

Not much posting. As E   @   L, points out, some of it is due to "too much time on Famebook." But most of it is due the fact, that while I have a lot of ideas, I have little desire to write them down.

Maybe I am just depressed. After all, there is a lot to be depressed about.

A sizeable number of stupid people think Donald Trump is fit to be President.

People are defending Megyn Kelly as a "responsible journalist" ( Trump is right on that one. "We have already established what you are, Madam, now we are just negotiating over price).

The other 16 members of the clown car are just as bad.

It could be because I desperately need some of this:


Or because I have not traveled in 4 weeks.

But take heart, I did not forget women's equality day. ( Which was yesterday)


No sir, I remembered it.


Just as I remembered it was National Dog Day:



But none of that helps with my writers bloc. Perhaps the urge is dying? Perish the thought!


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May 26 2015

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This is my first post in the month of May. Not for  lack of desire-but for lack of time. I have spent most of this month on the road, first spending several weeks in the land of Eretz Yisrael and then a long promised trip to take the S.O. to see Slovenia. Slovenia, by the way is wonderful and worth the time to go. Lake Bled is simply charming and Ljubljana really surprised  me. In the next couple of days I will post some pictures of that little jaunt as well as some shots from an afternoon spent roaming around Jerusalem. Suffice it to say it will be good to get back to the old homestead and working at my desk again. My business trips are always busy and something has to fall away.

Hope every one had a nice Memorial Day or Pentecost holiday. The summer has officially started. That means its time for lots of this:


And some of this:


More to follow.cheeky


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Apr 12 2015

Traveling man.

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On the road again-and today I hit the jackpot airline wise. Lufthansa took pity on me and gave me an upgrade. Upper Deck Business class. WHOO-HOO!

Now I just hope my next door seat companion looks like this:



And they serve plenty of this!Champagne-Glass1

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Mar 17 2015

Happy St. Patricks Day!

May the luck of the Irish be with you.

And me these women rise up to meet you:


Toast you friends with a pint of Guinness;



And remember, its just a Tuesday-you will still have the weekend to do it all over again.


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Dec 19 2014

It is the Friday before Christmas.

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Which means it is time to have fun. It is time to drink beer.



And then think about unwrapping presents!


Have a good weekend.

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Jun 27 2014

Match withdrawal

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I watched USA get into the knockout round by the skin of its teeth. Losing a match to Germany that Germany controlled pretty much from the start. Living here in Germany, it was kind of like being a Red Sox fan with seats on the first base line at Yankee Stadium, suffice it to say the Germans are not going for the USA! USA! chants.

And since its Friday-and the S.O. is dragging me to the mother of all Flea Markets at Lake Konstanz tomorrow. It's time to drink beer and wish I was someplace else, like Thailand. Living out one of Bruce's many stories.

Noo came right up to Bruce and put her arms around his neck and looked up. A very sad, what-have-I-done face, a look somewhere between feigned apology and feigned pity, a look that said I thought you were one of the ones who wouldn't fall in love, who only pretend to believe when I pretended to like you, but I was wrong (Beware The Ro3!), and she asked him to buy her a rum shooter. Pathetically, he nodded and indicated he would also have a beer he didn't want or need, and, here’s the kicker, he said again, I just came back to say goodbye. 

I'm going back to Hong Kong tomorrow, he said and she looked even sadder as she saw 3000Baht slipping away with more plastic surgery and her boyfriend's motorbike repairs held off in the distance still, and she pouted her lower lip. Which must have done something inside her mouth because she slowly unwound her hands from his neck to tighten the stud in her tongue and she smiled, against the flow of Little Miss All-Forlorn, as she did this. But his confused mind was made up, probably, and he would leave now, now that all his dignity was shredded and burnt in offerings at the bar’s small shrine. He took his beer, drank most of the bitter razor-blades quickly, called for the check-bin, paid, then placed a 100baht note tenderly into her bra, making sure it was right against the nipple (he wondered later if those firm breasts were genuine, or part of a job-lot with the silicone nose-bridge she was so proud of), and he kissed her cheek again (it struck him that she hadn’t kissed him properly – only pecks – on the lips in all their time together) and somehow, not through courage, not through reason, almost accidentally, he managed to leave. 



Sigh. Flea Markets. FML!

And now for the real purpose of this post-beer and babes! It is Friday you know.




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Jun 13 2014

Did not see that one coming.

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I sure did not expect to see Spain fold like a cheap suit in the first match.

It just got its culo- well and surely kicked by Netherlands 5-1. 

On an unrelated note, legions of Croatian fans are looking up the Portuguese phrase for "lousy referee" and hurling it at Japanese referee  Yuichi Nishimura.


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