Voting is the best revenge.

John Hinderaker and the rest of the contemptible cocksuckers  members of the Liars Club, are all up in arms over an offhand remark that Obama made in a stump speech a day ago. In a speech Obama mentioned his opponents and the crowd quite understandably began to boo-and Obama said, "No, no, no — don’t boo, vote. Vote. Voting is the best revenge.”

Hinderaker and the rest of the echo chamber seem to think that shows some sort of "dark side" to Obama. In the twisted universe they inhabit, only supporters of Rmoney are supposed to have emotions and proud convictions. They are all up in arms about it, making a huge issue over nothing.  Obama was right.

I got news for Mr. Hinderaker, worthless bit of slime that he is, in a democracy governed by laws-voting is the only revenge. As much as they might deserve more. And as much as I would like to see them receive some well deserved suffering for the damage these folks have done to American political discourse-in a proper society that simply is not done.

I voted by absentee some two weeks ago. And yes I voted for Obama. Because he is the guy on the ballot, and a vote for him is a vote against dismal view that Hinderaker constantly sets forth. As my favorite news magazine points out-in far better form than any word Mr. Hinderaker has ever written:

Many of The Economist’s readers, especially those who run businesses in America, may well conclude that nothing could be worse than another four years of Mr Obama. We beg to differ. For all his businesslike intentions, Mr Romney has an economic plan that works only if you don’t believe most of what he says. That is not a convincing pitch for a chief executive. And for all his shortcomings, Mr Obama has dragged America’s economy back from the brink of disaster, and has made a decent fist of foreign policy. So this newspaper would stick with the devil it knows, and re-elect him.

When I voted for Obama, it was a clear knowledge of the things he hasn't done that I wanted him to. A clear knowledge that he has not gotten out of both stupid wars Bush got us into-he's gotten us out of only one, and that was only with the help of the worthless Iraqis themselves; with the clear knowledge that he has been stymied for the last two years by a group of worthless people in Congress, all of them Republican, who were more concerned about torpedoing the economy for their own political advantage ( witness the debt ceiling debacle);  with a clear knowledge that the ACA while a great step forward is not the best legislation that could have been produced-and had the American people and the Republicans in Congress not been so stupid we could have had much better. I voted knowing all of these things. But in the end the choice came down to this and this alone:

This election does not represent a choice between left and right. It represents a choice between balance and a new, extreme form of conservatism. This new conservatism cannot accept any tax increases as part of a deal to reduce the deficit. For all his attempts to sound moderate in the campaign’s closing days, Romney has not altered the response he gave during a Republican-primary debate rejecting a hypothetical deal involving a 10-to-1 ratio between spending cuts and tax increases. This refusal to acknowledge the need for more revenue is a recipe for eviscerating government—and the cuts, as Ryan’s budget shows, would fall disproportionately on programs for Americans with the lowest incomes.

The new right has broken with conservatism’s past—and our country’s most constructive traditions—by adopting a new and radical individualism that largely ignores our country’s gift for community.



Hinderaker and the rest are, in part, responsible for that extremism. Being the grifters that they are they are, they live to keep everyone stirred up so that more money flows into their pockets. By voting against the things that he advocates and for a vision for the country that accepts the world is changing-no matter how much  William Jacobson refuses to accept it-I am getting my revenge.  They deserve it too-and if it makes their cherished "conservatives" take a hit, then I will have done my civic duty well.


UPDATE! It would seem the money grubber in Chief, old Mittens himself is jumping onto this line"For revenge. Instead, I ask the American people to vote for love of country,". Ok. Fine.

For love of country, because I don't want it screwed up by yours and the "zombie eyed granny starver's" twisted vision of it, and for revenge on the stupid people who enabled the hollowness of your ideas. Either reason works for me-so long as Mitt Romney loses.


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  1. One: Got us out of Iraq.
    Two: Committed the US to get  out of Afghanistan and in so doing put the miserable excuse for humanity, the Afghans on notice, that the free ride does not last forever.
    Three: Had the courage to take on Health Care Reform. That the bill had such a tortured path I don't blame him for ( although I think there were better ways he could have started it)-I blame the stupidty of the average teabagger and the obstructionism of the GOP.
    Four: Bailed our the auto industry, which was one of the few times in the financial crises the US engaged in something to benefit average Americans not rich bastards.
    Five: Tried to get budgets through Congress but was stymied by a stupid rule in the Senate, Douchebags like Ryan in the house. Did try to be bi-partisan but the other side was more concerned with being obstructionist.
    SIX and MOST IMPORTANT: The GOP has yet to come to its senses and repudiate the fat selfish pigs who have driven the party to extreme radicalism. Until they do-and also abandon neo-con foreign policy ideas and trickle down economics-Obama comes out way ahead on points.
    That's not to say Obama could not have done better he could have. He has not gotten the Patriot Act repealed, and he has been as broad as Bush has on infringement of basic US principles with respect to the drone war. But on balance he's done OK with the shitty deck he was dealt.
    Oh, and Bin Laden is still dead.

  2. Evidently you do not read Glen Greenwald or The Guardian?
    Perhaps my memory is faulty but as I remember it the plans for withdrawal from Iraq were already-in place under Bush, with the only sticking point as to how many advisers would stay and whether they would be protected under SOFA.
    Your assumption is that  democrats, progressives and their ilk were correct in what llegislation rhe wanted to pass, like Franks and his bank regulation bills, which have been critzied for being ineffective?
    i prefer to think that BOTH sides acted on principle. That one side is anathema to you does not mAke them evil nor wrong nor the spawn of satan, that  distinction belongs to one of my cats!!!!!!!
    Obama will win but it will be a cliffhanger.

  3. Bush negotiated the SOFA that got us out-but as was stated at the time, it was not the one they wanted. They went ahead and signed it, hoping to get changes and leave troops in country after 2011. Obama too wanted that based on the advice he was getting from Secretary Gates. Fortunately-the Iraqis held firm to getting us to leave, literally the only useful thing they have ever done.
    The GOP has not acted on principle-witness the fact that Boehner had made a good faith deal with the President and Cantor and Ryan fucked him at the drive through. And if they really wanted to act in good faith they would have dealt more honestly on the budget.

  4. Skippy,
    What are your thoughts on the list of 500 retired Admirals and Generals who came out in an ad in the Washington Times who came out in support of Romney.  From the list quite a few heavy hitters in their day were on there.
    On a side note, if we can have at least 500 living retired Admirals that support Romney, I wonder how many are alive that don't.  I think the big question is, we have a lot of people receiving funds from the government, including myself..  Just curious as to how long we can keep it up with either winner in the WH.

  5. Skippy,
    All your points are nonsense.
    One was a done deal before Obama got  in and to say that the idiot Iraqis saved the day is to overlook that Obama supposedly pushed every bit as hard to the Iraqis to keep some US troops there as he pushed to get the Olympics in Chicago.
    Two is stupid. He had his minions name a futile and stupid date in a future beyond Obama's term of office for pulling out but if there is merit to pulling out by a set upon date than why not make it tomorrow instead of 2014?
    Seriously, Three? Every single GOP guy voted against it and it still became the law of the land didn't it. Honestly how the fuck you can turn something that cut and dried into GOP obstructionism is beyond me. Pelosi and Reed clubbed the GOP to the ground, tied it up and butt fucked it and there was nothing at all the GOP could do to stop it.
    Four. When did it become the business of the US Federal Government to bail out car industries or any other industry? Why did they go outside the law to give my money to the plutocrats of the UAW while shutting down dealerships left and right on a whim and letting all the small suppliers go to the wall?
    Five. Obama's budgets were so fucked that not even any democrats voted for them. You blame that on the republicans and tea party too. Sad.
    Six is funny. You don't see it at all. It is not the fat selfish pigs in the republican party that drove the tea party to suggest that stealing my 8 year old daughters money and her children's money is a crime that should not be allowed to continue. I honestly don't give a rat's ass what gets cut but only a moron continues to believe that it can continue to spend trillions of dollars more than it takes in forever. Those selfish guys you loath simply try to point out that what happened in Greece and Ireland and Iceland and Italy and Spain is sure as hell going to happen here. There is no mechanism to stop it short of curtailing out of control spending.
    I love how you gloss over the simple fact that there is not ONE thing Bush did that Obama is not doing to this day. Gitmo, renditions, wars, drone strikes, unauthorized use of force in Libya and what a Godsend that was for our middle east policy yeah.

  6. Your last point kind of sums it up-Obama has governed from the center. He is not some wild eyed socialist, but a centerist. What disgusts me is the over-reaction to his election by the profesional douchebags in the conservative press.
    Maurice-500 Flag Officers? Big Deal. They are in a secure space in their lives. Why not talk to 500 folks who got fucked at the drive through  like I did, because of their policy decisions? And its the Washington Times-I expect nothing different from them. When a real newspaper has something to say ( of which the Washington Times is not) then I migh pay attention.
    Curtis you are simply fooling yourself if you think we can cut our way out of the deficit mess. Those European countries all tried that and they are much worse off for it. You have to raise revenue. Here's an idea: lets let the stupid tax cuts expire and keep our budget balanced for 4 years. You would be surprised how much good that would do.

  7. Skippy,
    I got more screwed over with my order at the drive through by some of those 500 than you did.  Mypoint was that there were a lot of people, who are supposedly "in the know" who don't care for Obama.  Not sure if most of them are still power brokers, but I am sure that they still run in the same circles.

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