This may require checking with E@L

A new book about the Australian soldiers who participated in the occupation of Japan sounds quite interesting-and may also require a little fact checking with E@L:

Local women were discouraged from taking up with the soldiers by authorities who “warned that if they consorted with the Australians, they would give birth to kangaroos.” Many apparently took their chances due to destitute circumstances and the shortage of Japanese men.

No wonder he gets so many books read on vacation! 🙂

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  1. ‘They joined the army for every reason known to man except to fight” TR Fehrenbach.
    So said TR about American soldiers in Japan right before they were committed to fight the NK’s and we all know how well that turned out.
    Life was too easy in Japan. I saw this in Korea in the 70’s.
    Women, booze even and readily avialable.
    Cheap, even for the private..they were still privates then not the E’s.
    And the effect it had on COMBAT readiness was apparent.
    By the way, your thoughts on ex navy man Massa?

  2. From other readings on the occupation of Japan, it was the SUPREME ALLIED COMMANDERS wishes (along with the US) that the only troops that occupied Japan were US. You may have had Aussie’s taking part in places like Singapore, but for the most part, Japan was to be occupied by US troops. I guess these guys were only there for a short period and not for the long haul like the US troops.

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