The slow slide to the bottom

There is a professor,  a professor named Timothy Snyder from Yale University,  who has done a lot of his historical work on fascist and totalitarian societies. He wrote a book published late last year entitled:

It’s good book-and I intend to talk about it soon.

As you may remember ( but I have not been able to upload the applicable posts), I posted many times about what a dangerous  totalitarian thug Donald Trump is. Some people have had the gall to mention that this reaction to the Orange Menace has been over-wrought and exaggerated.

Amy Siskind has documented a whole list of reasons-why it is neither.

There were signs this week that our democracy is fading. The unusual process undertaken by McConnell in attempting to pass AHCA without Senate input or public support. Alarming evidence that Russia may have tampered with 2016 Election Day results, and possibly with help from the Trump campaign. The Trump regime taking steps to shut down access for the media, while our country burns in bigotry and hate.

Trump-Russia is still the dominate theme, as investigations open on new fronts, and Trump regime members go quiet and lawyer up. Trump continues to deny Russian interference, which will undoubtedly lead to it continuing in upcoming elections — of course to his benefit.

And believe me your democracy is fading before you.

Here are just a few examples from a rather long list.

  1. NYT reported that Kushner’s team quietly reached out to high-powered criminal lawyers to represent him on the Russia probe.

  2. Sessions hired a lawyer to represent him in the Russia probe.

  3. Pence’s use of a private AOL email account to conduct government business is costing Indiana $100k in legal fees to process a large backlogof records requests.

  4. A lawsuit alleges private prison company GEO Correction donated to a Trump Super-PAC, in violation of federal law. Trump has adopted a pro-private prison policy.

  5. Mueller brought in Andrew Weissmann, a lawyer with expertise in witness-flipping.

  6. Speculation grew that Flynn is cooperating with the FBI, including by Sen Whitehouse, a ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Comm.

  7. Flynn failed to report a 2015 Middle East trip on his security clearance forms. The trip was to discuss a U.S.-Russian partnership, financed by Saudi Arabia, to build nuclear reactors throughout the Middle East.

  8. NYT reported that despite concerns about Flynn being a security risk, Pompeo continued to give him classified briefings for three weeks.

And that does not even begin include the one major piece of legislation Trump’s party is trying to ram through the Senate.

As Mr Pierce noted:

So, yeah, suckers. This is what you voted for. In fact, this is what you’ve been voting for, over and over again, ever since the Death Valley Days of jellybeans and missiles to the mullahs. This bill is the pot of gold at the end of Paul Ryan’s personal rainbow. This bill is everything that every young conservative brought up in the luxurious terrariums of wingnut welfare is taught to revere from the first day of his political gestation, right down to its playing-to-the-cheap-seats whack at Planned Parenthood.

Which brings us back to Dr. Snyder. We have about one year to save our democracy. His words-but I agree with them.

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It's not easy being me-but the adventures I get to have- make it totally worth it. "One should respect public opinion insofar as is necessary to avoid starvation and keep out of prison, but anything that goes beyond this is voluntary submission to an unnecessary tyranny."- Bertrand Russell

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  1. I’ve been away from blogging for a bit, so I’m working my way down my sidebar. I like the new look here. I agree with your assessment, we have a short time to save our democracy! I wish us all well. xox

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