The end of the line……

But hopefully not for long.

Yesterday was Laguna’s last day. Anyone who has ever made the walk up and down Jaffe Street and Lockhart Road in Hong Kong, knows how sad a development this is.  As Spike relays to us-even the South China Morning Post took notice:

Maids’ Day at the ‘guna was one of the great attractions of Hong Kong. The room would be rocking on a Sunday afternoon,” one customer said. “I guess another place will come along eventually to replace it. But it seems like the fun police have had their way again.”

I’ll say- Laguna on a Saturday (Indonesians)or Sunday ( Filipina) afternoon was a thing of wonderment. 😉

Fortunately-hope springs eternal:

The good news is that they’re taking over a new location, the space above Joe Banana’s that was formerly the home of Rockschool.  The concept will be the same, 90% of the staff will be making the move, but they will have a new name.  Look for the opening probably at the end of February.

Good! If by the grace of God, I am able to get back to Hong Kong this year-I don’t have to worry about getting run over by a taxi stumbling across the street from Joe Banana’s………….

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  1. I will truly miss Laguna. I will never forget my first weekend in HK when I stumbled in there by accident. I truly could not believe my eyes…

    I had the wildest of times in there

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