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Sorry for no posts for the last few days. I had to make a business trip to warmer climes. It was just a short couple of days of meetings and then up (very early) for the return flight to Deutschland.

It was hot.

Speaking of hot, as I mentioned, back in February, I had the chance to visit South Africa. We went to Cape Town and had a chance to drive around the area of the Western Cape. Went to the Cape of Good Hope, out into South African Wine Country, and saw much around the city itself. It was an interesting, and eye-opening journey-and also an insight into the fact that there was only one Nelson Mandela. I would love to go back, but its probably a question mark as to how much longer South Africa will be different from its other African neighbors. At least, as long as Jacob Zuma is President.

The African National Congress of today is a political organisation as well as the leading force in government. The organisation, the government and the state as a whole are in the midst of multiple crises covering broad areas of economic, social and political life. Gone are the days when the ANC represented hope for a better life, cherished by many, many people. It is no longer trusted as the bearer of aspirations for freedom, dignity and a government that benefits all.

It has squandered the reputation it so painstakingly built during the freedom struggle. This is manifested in electoral defeat in three major municipalities (known as metros), previously ANC strongholds, in August 2016. The ANC’s share of the national vote dropped below 55 percent, signalling the possibility of losing power in 2019.

Before these elections, the ANC controlled 85 percent of the 228bn rand ($17.1bn) combined budget of South Africa’s eight metros, while the opposition Democratic Alliance (DA) controlled only 15 percent, mainly through already holding Cape Town metro.

Zuma has been going back and forth on several issues and in March he sacked his finance minister-which led to a big decline in the Rand. he is even toying with the idea of going the route of Zimbabwe and seizing land without compensation. If that happens, it is all down hill from there.

But the country is beautiful, below are some pictures of it.

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