Maybe I need to start learning Chinese

Becasue right now my spoken German sucks-although it is getting better, primarily because the S.O. has just simply refused to make an effort to learn the language-which makes me the designated translator. Fortunately for me-I can read it fairly well and with each passing day more words come back to me.

However-as my hero Sir Harry Paget Flashman VC KCB KCIE noted-it could be I just need a new approach to learning the language:

I give the advice for what it is worth: if you wish to learn a foreign tongue properly, study it in bed with a native girl – I’d have got more of the classics from an hour’s wrestling with a Greek wench than I did in four years from Arnold.

And now it appears the somone has taken old Flashy's advice and provided a fun an entertaining way to learn the Chinese language:



You can subscribe to their YouTube Channel, but I highly recommend you register on the Sexy Mandarin web site, so you can watch all the full length lessons – it's absolutely free!


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