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Among the more interesting things I get to do is try new foods in my travels. I travel to Israel about 4 times per year. Every time I go, I try the Israeli egg dish, Shakshuka. Unfortunately, at most breakfast buffets, it has gotten congealed from being left under a heat lamp-and thus, a lot of the flavor is removed.

But when done well it’s a great dish to have, rich and savory. Here is a recipe from Haaretz that I have tried and made for the S.O.

A couple of tips. One, use a good, deep pan that distributes heat evenly. Second, have the ingredients all sorted out before you start cooking-it allows you to concentrate on the mixture. And pay close attention to how you put the eggs-there is an art to it I have found.

Serve it right away when ready, don’t let it sit.


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