Erick Erickson is just effing stupid!

Getting the daily cappuccino-before I go to have my what has become an almost weekly fight with Deutsche Telkom. I surfed over to John Cole’s place to see them, quite properly, mocking the latest bit of buffoonery out of Red State:

The RedState brain trust has come up with some stunningly dumb ideas for activism over the years, including the brilliant notion tosend bags of salt to Republican Senator Olympia Snowe of Maine (during winter! thanks, dudes!) to protest something or other. Then there was that time they proposed “Operation Leper” to punish any conservative who dared call stupid Sarah Palin “stupid.” But the tidal wave of stupid soon stranded RedStaters on their own virtual Molokai.

Today in own-goals, they’ve attempted to “parody” OkCupid’s protest of the Brendan Eich appointment as Mozilla CEO, but whoops! — they’ve stepped on their own dicks again! Here’s the OkCupid splash screen that greeted Firefox users for Eich’s days-long tenure:

And here’s RedState’s:

Cole points out Firefox should sue Erickson-just for the pleasure of making him mount a defense.

Erick Erickson is a brain-dead slug.

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