One of the more remarkable developments of this twisted and sick election has been the revelation that Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert and supposed champion of the downtrodden in corporate America, is actually a cheerleader for fascism. If you have been following his blog, you will note that he has been in the tank for Trump since the beginning of this year. In his Twitter mentions he has been quite blunt in protesting that he has not been-even while he has argued again and again that Trump is the “master of persuasion”. Suffice it to say, a lot people-myself included- have found this revelation that Adams has allied himself with team fascism to be a huge disappointment.

Twitter in particular has been a revelation of what a self centered and arrogant prick Adams wants to portray himself to be. Responding to valid criticisms of his morally reprehensible position, he doubles down on his bet-attacking his critics and trying to posture himself as person of superior intellect. Problem is-being in the tank for Trump is anything but.

Now Adams takes a weaselistic approach saying that he is not endorsing Trump, first stating that he was endorsing Clinton for fear for his personal safety. He subsequently endorsed Trump, but when it was revealed that Trump was a handsy sleazeball-he “parked” his endorsement with Gary Johnson.

Yessiree, a real bastion of commitment this guy.

The problem is, that in his writing he makes it clear that he is still and always has been an unrepentant Trumpkin. He has “scored” the debates for Trump-even when it was clear Trump was jumping head first into the sewer of politics. He defends his approach as being logical, when in fact it’s anything but. When you walk in shit, it sticks to your comic strip shoes.

Directly calling Mr. Adams out about his stupidity seems ineffective, since Adams basically has the soul of Catbert and could care less about how he is perceived by his former fans, so the internet being the internet, has resorted to mockery.

And a couple of people have created some mockery of true genius.

A woman named Alexandra Erin has been particularly effective, using Adams own work against him with the skill of a surgeon-cutting quite deep.

But wait, there is more!

And while we are at it:



Perfectly captured the “classic” Dilbert vibe juxtaposed against Adam’s current hilarious idiocy. Bravo.

And you can forget about getting any Dilbert merchandise from me for Christmas.

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