Drafted back into service

And like a moth to the flame, with Trump proving every day that he was far worse than anyone could have ever imagined, I’ve decided to heed Victor Lazlo’s advice:

The last six months have been so utterly crazy, and there are just too many things to say, that I resolved to myself that I could not sit back on the sidelines any longer. As the author Steven King put it:




You will notice some radical changes to the site, and that is by design in order to give it fresh start and also out of the sad and reluctant recognition that my dreams of getting back to Japan are fading along with the once bright future the United States of America had. Probably in a couple of years I will have to return to the Whining States of America to set some financial issues in order and then based on what happens between 2018-2020,  move to my overseas lair and go back into foreign life again. I’m still fighting for both the land of my birth and my Asian dream, but one has to be practical too. Especially as the warning signs of recession will flash brighter in the coming months.

Besides the changes in look, there are some policy changes here on the site as well. I am not going to allow arrogant commenters like Joshos to dredge up ancient history and use the comment section to try gain some cheap thrill by thinking he can throw them into my face. I’ve more than paid for my sins and I have nothing, let me repeat nothing, to apologize for or feel guilty about.  You have no idea whatsoever about the struggles I have been through.  They are my struggles, not yours and you don’t get to dictate the terms of my life and career,  anymore than some worthless excuse for a doctor did. Take your judgmental ass somewhere else.

And that, boys and girls, is why comments are going to be moderated.

For the next month or so, the old posts are going to be unavailable, because I have to work with technical issues from this new install. I will do my best to bring them back.

It’s been an interesting six months for me personally, but they could have been a lot better without the Orange Monster in the White House. Here at Far East Cynic HQ we will do our part to make sure his residence there is short and painful

It’s good to be back.

” I’m still here you greasy bastards!”



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It's not easy being me-but the adventures I get to have- make it totally worth it. "One should respect public opinion insofar as is necessary to avoid starvation and keep out of prison, but anything that goes beyond this is voluntary submission to an unnecessary tyranny."- Bertrand Russell

5 thoughts on “Drafted back into service

    1. No, not at all. I don’t even speak French.

      By the way-your boy has proven to be even worse than I could ever have imagined.

      1. You aint seen nothing yet. He pricks you types with a pin and moves on because, all in all, you ain’t nothing. You have no cred, no philosophy and only an endless hate for other. Your kind, in my place would instantly label you nothing but a homophobe, rascist, hater, scumbag and nazi. AND you know it.

        Glad you made the comeback. Got divorced did you?

  1. Curtis,

    You, (an others) do not understand me at all. First to make the statement that “I hate the United States” is to misread my sentiments entirely. The easier path would be to write nothing and state nothing. Just go on about my business.

    Except in the end, it deprives me of an opportunity to voice my very real concern about the country of my birth. And I have the right to do so.

    So I guess I can live with the satisfaction of knowing that my comments will piss you and others off.

  2. Well then it’s lucky for the both of us that the people who actually knew the facts, and made the decisions, were more compassionate and decent people. Whatever happened in the past, is in the past. I moved on and gave many more years of good service to the nation and to the Navy. I cash those checks because I earned them-and neither you nor anyone else gets to say I did not. It’s probably symptomatic of today’s Navy and the people holding positions in it-that it cannot understand that people make mistakes and many people learn from them.

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