And I thought I was bitter…….

About getting screwed over by the ex-wife. However, from LA comes a case of a REALLY BITTER ex husband:

COVINA, Calif. (AP) – Stinging from an acrimonious divorce, a man plotting revenge against his ex-wife dressed up like Santa, went to his former in-laws’ Christmas Eve party and slaughtered at least six people before killing himself hours later.

Three people were listed as missing after Bruce Pardo’s rampage – his ex-wife and her parents – and it was feared their remains were among the ashes of the home, which Pardo set ablaze using a bizarre homemade device that sprayed flammable liquid.

Pardo, 45, had no criminal record and no history of violence, according to police, but he was angry following last week’s settlement of his divorce after a marriage that lasted barely a year.

“It was not an amicable divorce,” police Lt. Pat Buchanan said.

What the hell was he thinking?

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  1. When all non-violent means of protest are outlawed then is it really surprising that a man such as this will just snap? Think about what is expected of the modern husband in this guys situation for a minute… this is what someone like this has likely had to endure with a smile.

    * He comes home to find the locks changed, bank accounts cleaned out, false charges filed, and possibly his wife’s boyfriend living in HIS home with HIS children

    * He is arrested for the aforementioned false charges and likely is slapped with a restraining order preventing him from seeing his children

    * He is very shortly dragged into court where he is forced to hand over 70% or more of his take home pay to his ex who has just kidnapped his kids, and had him thrown in jail

    * He is demonized, labeled a dead-beat, a wife beater, possibly a child molester, and is in general treated like a criminal despite the fact that he has never done anything wrong ever

    In any normal situation (aka NOT family court) this would be considered monstrous. If I told you that your neighbors took your house, children, bank accounts, arranged for your arrest due to false charges, separated you from your friends, then forced you under threat of jail to pay them for this not one person would consider this just. But as soon as I change the word “neighbor” to “wife” bingo suddenly all is right in the sight of GOD?

    What the family courts allow every day is the kidnapping of children for profit, grand theft, and false imprisonment. Yes people who experienced this throughout history would probably feel perfectly justified *killing* over things like this in fact the state certainly would feel justified *killing* this man ultimately if he resisted arrest over a false charge!!!

    I’m sorry but it isn’t like we have any right to be surprised when things like this happen given the level of gross injustice we allow to happen. It is akin to feeling revulsion at a slave rebelling and killing his master while refusing to look at the institution of slavery the slave was trapped in! The U.S. as a society deserves to collapse. May it happen soon.

  2. I am looking for support brief, as you say, it is up to us

    My ex and I had $4,000,000 estate; he was my only support for 13 years +.

    small town judge left me with a negative net worth, no income; how can a judge take my property without any compensation… doesn’t the Constitution protect me?

    how can I be left broke at 62 years old? I didn’t even do anything wrong?

    would like to discuss options. The U.S. Supreme Court hears the injustice of a guy couple…. more of us out here get hurt by divorce laws!

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