Mar 01 2009

Another device I don’t need……

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I really don’t like Bluetooth headsets and I have resolved never to have one. My sister has one-she loves it. To each their own.

I just know I hate walking by someone and think they are talking to me-and then I turn to see this annoying thing in their ear:

transp_1 I have to agree with the poster at GIZMODO when he says: This water droplet-shaped concept from Ilshat Garipov makes a good run at it, but no matter how small or slick or arty they are, Bluetooth headsets are just never going to look good.

Is it the association they have with bankers, lawyers, and other douche-types? Is it the inherent awkwardness of watching somebody talk into a machine you can’t see? I think we can all agree that it’s not the specific design of an individual Bluetooth headset that makes it irritating. Sorry, Ilshat, your design is pretty sharp and all that but I just can’t get excited over a device with a function I can’t help but find annoying.

Like the video teleconference-here is another device I would un-invent.

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