Oct 18 2016


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The S.O. and I went to Krakow for a long weekend. This is St. Mary's Basilica in the center of the old city ( click to see properly):

img_6498 img_6499 img_6500 img_6501img_6508 img_6509 img_6510 img_6511 img_6512 img_6502

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Oct 16 2016

Eleven Tweets that sum it all up.

And explain quite clearly why Donald Trump is a danger to the Republic and the people who follow him are the same as the Germans in the 1930's who worked for and enabled the foundations of unspeakable crimes.  Your fixation on crap lke Benghazi, e-mails and the rest of the trivial bullshit ignores the key fact of this election, namely that nothing like this has happened before. No one like this has come so close to power in the United States, three weeks from now we’ll know how close he came. And whether we need to begin planning for how to survive a reign of terror or not. What is happening in this Age of Trump has not happened before in our politics.




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Oct 11 2016

There is never a thesaurus around when you need one…….

And if you were a news reporter, you needed one this last weekend. Because they all had to spend a lot of time talking about this:



And there are only so many euphemisms you can come up with.

Fortunately for us all. Samantha Bee was busy looking in the Webster's, so you don't have to. This take down of the Orange Cheeto is just awesome.



So now you have a some synonyms you can use. Personally, "sin grotto" is a new one for me.

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Oct 10 2016

The Vengeance Election

It's been impossible for me to write in the past month. Between getting sick, traveling on a sacred pilgrimage back to the wonderful land of Japan and then returning to even more work-something had to give.

Plus, watching the never ending shit-show that is the US Election has not left me of a mind to do so. The whole thing is too depressing. Last night's debate showed as nothing else has, how utterly dangerous Donald Trump is, and what a threat he poses to American democracy. 

At Sunday’s debate, Donald Trump revealed that he is not running to be America’s president so much as its dictator.

The debate’s most unnerving moment came early. “If I win, I'm going to instruct the attorney general to get a special prosecutor to look into your situation, because there's never been so many lies, so much deception,” Trump told Hillary Clinton.

“It's just awfully good that someone with the temperament of Donald Trump is not in charge of the law of our country,” Clinton shot back.

Trump, determined as always to make subtext into text, left no room for confusion. “Because you’d be in jail,” he said.

So there it was. The Republican nominee for president of the United States has promised to imprison his opponent if he wins the election. “This is what happens in dictatorships,” wrote the New York Times’ Max Fisher. “Not democracies.”

Tonight was the night when our worst fears about Donald Trump’s autocratic impulses were confirmed. Trump is, by his own account, vengeful. “When someone intentionally harms you or your reputation, how do you react?” he wrote in 2007. “I strike back, doing the same thing to them only ten times worse." And so it’s long been obvious that Trump might be vengeful as president — a possibility Vox’s Dara Lind explored brilliantly in this feature.


If you don't think he is serious, you are insane. If you are cheering this type of behavior on while you Tweet with your "Deplorables" Pepe image, then you too are a fool who is to be pitied.

And lets get this out of the way right now. If you are a Trump supporter, you are a deplorable person and may God have mercy on your soul. For here on earth, I have absolutely no use for you.

The day after the debate, this appeared on the Breitbart web site:


The worst part of course is that the sick and deranged 37-42% of the US voters who support this evil man actually believe that they are somehow "victims" and need to stand together against the rest of us who actually can think.

Many of Trump’s supporters hope that he’ll be guided and constrained by more seasoned, temperate advisers while in office. Tonight he proved that hope absurd. He began the evening by inviting three women who have accused Bill Clinton of sexual misconduct to a press conference — an insane strategy that virtually everyone in the Republican Party has been begging Trump to abandon.

Later in the night, Trump was asked about his running mate’s statements on Russia, and he made clear how little influence Pence has over his campaign, and how little interest Trump has in his counsel. "He and I haven't spoken, and I disagree," Trump brutally replied.

The message: Trump listens to no one, and is held back by no one. A Trump presidency won’t secretly be a Mike Pence presidency, or a Paul Ryan presidency, with Trump occupying a more ceremonial role. It will be him, and he will be doing whatever he damn well pleases.


The comments on Twitter from those who proudly embrace the word "deplorable",  make one weep for humanity and also make me fear for my own personal safety. Because don't kid yourself, these people are only committed to one thing. They want vengeance on the rest of us for not voting to endorse a one party theocracy in , committed to war without end, in 2008. In Trump they see their knight in shining armor who will give them that vengeance. If Trump wins, you should have no doubt, he will do his best to give them what they want. Those of us who protested loudest will either have to find a new Zion, as those Israeli pioneers did in Palestine in the 1930's, or find a place to hide out and lay low till the fire consumes both the leader himself and the followers who egged him on. It's not going to be pleasant.

Again, let's be clear, this is not how it is done-and I will go toe to toe with you quoting passages from the Federalist Papers if you don't believe me. ( I have always found it odd that Trump supporters fetishize those documents when they clearly have not read them). And here is where I will invoke Godwin's Law by reminding you that the mistake most people made in the 1930's was that they did not believe that the Nazi's meant exactly what they said.

The United States has 29 days to save its democracy. I am worried that the sane half of the US population may not be able to stem the Draconian tide sweeping our way. If the worst happens, remember, you were warned.

Do I mock? Of course, I do. The Republican Party has been edging toward this catastrophe for 40 years, ever since it let goons like the late Terry Dolan help run its senatorial campaigns in the late 1970s. Dolan led to Lee Atwater, who led to Karl Rove and, altogether, they made Donald Trump not an aberration, but a culmination. It took into itself the debris of American apartheid. It allied itself with radicalized American Protestantism. It adopted a basic political philosophy of vandalism and nihilism. When confronted with an opportunity for human decency, such as in the case of Terri Schiavo, the party opted for cruelty. When presented an opportunity for political unity, such as in the aftermath of the attacks of September 11, the party opted for the despicable in domestic politics and for the barbaric overseas. When handed an opportunity to change course, such as when the deregulated casino economy nearly destroyed the world in 2008, it doubled down on the basic economic philosophy that caused the wreckage in the first place. And when it became plain that the party was on the wrong side of history, such as the movement for marriage equality, it chose to work in the states through pestiferous god-botherers like Mike Pence, whose name Kelly Ayotte will write in for president.



When it won, the party opted for triumphalism. When it lost, it opted for obstruction. It has blown through democratic norms in every branch of the government. In the executive, it lied and tortured and worked almost exclusively to shove as much of the country's wealth upwards. As a legislative majority, it has consistently refused to do even the most fundamental tasks of governing the country. In the judiciary, the judges so carefully nurtured in the think-tank terrariums of the organized Right have let loose a flood of money into our politics and have worked assiduously to carve away the franchise from the people who might most inconvenience the party on Election Day. They have come dangerously close to completing the project of creating a new Jim Crow to ensure a new Gilded Age. And now, there are not sufficient roosts for all the chickens. If you have a party dedicated to vandalism and nihilism, how can you possibly be surprised when your presidential nomination is spirited away by a career vandal and a superior nihilist?

It doesn't matter now if he drops out or not. He has shown the world what the black heart of modern Republicanism—and of the modern form of conservatism that drives it—really looks like. He has become its beau ideal. He will stand for it until the party commits itself to real change and genuine outreach to those people it now only employs as targets for its timorous angry base to aim at. Whether he stays or whether he goes—and, god, I hope he stays—Donald Trump has burned down all the camouflage. He is what they are.




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Sep 18 2016


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More pictures from the trip in July ( Click to see properly):

img_6192 img_6166 img_6183 img_6197 img_6193 img_6163 img_6190 img_6187

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Sep 11 2016

The only 9-11 post you need to read today.

And I did not write it.

But I wish I had. Jim Wright of Stonekettle Station did, and its worth the couple of minutes it will take to read it in it's entirety.


15 years ago today 19 shitheads attacked America.

They killed 3000 of us.

And then … America got its revenge for 9-11.

Yes we did. Many times over. We killed them. We killed them all. We killed their families. We killed their wives and their kids and all their neighbors. We killed whole nations that weren't even involved just to make goddamned sure. We bombed their cities into rubble. We burned down their countries.

They killed 3000 of us, we killed 300,000 of them or more.

8000 of us came home in body bags, but we got our revenge. Yes we did.

We're still here. They aren't.

We win. USA! USA! USA!


You goddamned right. We. Win.




Read the rest of the post here.

UPDATE! From Jim Wright:

Facebook removed my 911 post because it didn't meet community standards.

Make of that what you will

UPDATE TO THE UPDATE! Facebook may not like the post, but others did.

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Sep 11 2016

Not liking the word, does not mean it’s not accurate.

Trump supporters are whining about the word "deplorable".

The only problem is, that's what they are, and because they support ideas that are themselves, rotten to the core-the stench of it sticks to them. Live with it Trumpites!

And remember how we got here.



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Aug 24 2016


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Finally getting around to bookkeeping from the cruise. Below are some pictures from the massively awesome city of Riga. A great place to have visited and I would love to go back.


Riga is the city of cats/ Not sure of the reason why:

The weather had not been so great up till this day-but it turned really nice when in Riga. Click on the remaining pictures to see them properly


IMG_6468  IMG_6496 IMG_6487 IMG_6489 IMG_6455 IMG_6478

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Aug 18 2016

Whenever I think of Trump-I think of this song

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Donald Trump has proven himself to be completely worthless in the past two weeks. And dangerous. I always think of this song from the musical Jesus Christ Superstar when I see him on TV. Presented here are the altered lyrics reflecting the reality of , He, Trump.


Good Reince Preibus,  the RNC waits for you. 
The talk show hosts and religious right are here for you.


Ah gentlemen, you know why we are here. 
We've not much time, and quite a problem here

MOB (outside) 

Hosanna! Superstar! 
Hosanna! Superstar! 
Hosanna! Superstar! 
Hosanna! Superstar!


Listen to that howling mob of blockheads in the street! 
A trick or two with casinos and the whole town's on its feet.

ALL (inside) 

He is dangerous!

MOB (outside)

Make America Great Again!

ALL (inside)

He is dangerous!

MOB (outside)

Tell us that you're who they say you are.


The man is in town right now to whip up some support.


A rabble rousing mission that I think we must abort.

ALL (inside) 

He is dangerous!

MOB (outside)

Make America Great Again!

ALL (inside)

He is dangerous!


Look Reince Preibus they're right outside our yard.


Quick Reince Preibus, go call the cops to come.


No, wait! 
We need a more permanent solution to our problem.


What then to do about Trump of New York? 
Miracle wonderman, hero of fools.


Riots, An army,  FIghting, Lots of slogans.


One thing I'll say for him — TRUMP is NOT cool.


We dare not leave him to his own devices. 
His half-witted fans will get out of control.


But how can we stop him? 
His glamour increases 
By leaps every moment; he's top of the poll.


I see bad things arising. 
The crowd vote him in, which the Supreme Court would ban. 
I see blood and destruction, 
Our elimination because of one man.
Blood and destruction because of one man.

ALL (inside) 

Because, because, because of one man.


Our elimination because of one man.

ALL (inside) 

Because, because, because of one, 'cause of one, 'cause of one man.


What then to do about this Trump-mania?


How do we deal with a reality star king?


Where do we start with a man who is bigger 
Than Gingrich was when Gingrich did his contract on America thing?


Fools, you have no perception! 
The stakes we are gambling are frighteningly high! 
We must crush him completely, 
So like Breitbart before him, this Trump must die. 
For the sake of the nation, this Trump must die.

ALL (inside)

Must die, must die, this Trump must die.


So like Breitbart before him, this Trump must die.

ALL (inside) 

Must die, must die, this Trump must, Trump must, Trump must die!

Written by Andrew Lloyd Webber, Tim Rice • Copyright © Universal Music Publishing Group

Adapted by me.

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Aug 08 2016

Speaking of ships

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The S.O. and I made our first cruise ever on the Splendour of the Seas last year. It was her last year sailing for Royal Caribbean, as it had been announced she was being sold to TUI Cruises. We thought the crew did a good job seeing the ship out in style and we loved our cruise. But in assembling videos for our last cruise, I found this view The Splendour's transformation to TUI livery.


Guess you have to be something of a nautical geek. But please remember, even with the new coat of paint-the ship is over 20 years old.

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