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Mar 20 2012

Dear US Air Force

You block my site because it's "pornography".

Clearly you have never seen real pornography.  

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Mar 08 2012

Words do have meaning……

The difference between the USAF and the Navy:

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Nov 30 2010

Going in to see the old man…….

When its time for the FITREP debrief. If any of you have spent time, in or around the Air Force, this little video is going to ring very, very, true.

Especially the discussion of Squadron Officers School-my roomate from college, who went in the Air Force used almost those very words!

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Aug 10 2008

How the USAF got so screwed up…….

It started early on……….

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Jun 28 2008

Air Show Blues-Part III

All the parts I could not get pix of- would that I could. Turn your speakers up loud and sip scotch while you watch this:


The A-4 video is better if you ask me!

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Jun 05 2008

I’m still here!

My brain is full.

This week has been so full of information, I don’t know if I can remember any more. Important safety tip-make sure when you accept a job you are not going to work for engineers!

Thus my current prediciment. I have found out the people that I will be working for and whose interests I will be representing -are primarily engineers. The problem with that? I am not an engineer. Therefore I do not have an abiding fascintation with how the electrons in a radar beam get to a target. My interest is simply that they do, the target gets destroyed, and I get to the bar before 5pm.

So you can see my concern-these guys are smart-I’m not so smart, technically. Never have been. There was a reason my minor was in political science and my Masters was in International Relations.  These guys have been knee deep in the hard core technical stuff for years and they are very good at what they do.

Out of here tomorrow and back to Shopping Mall. Like that is going to be an improvement. I need a vision of Hari’s! That’s not happening any time soon.

However on the good news side-the Secretary of the Air Force got fired. And the Chief of Staff. Is this a great country or what?


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Apr 19 2008

Nothing to celebrate…….

The Patriot Express is running again. Much to every-one’s chagrin who actually has to take the plane.

The Patriot Express is the name of the Air Mobility Command charter plane that runs from LAX to the bases in Japan. For several years now the AMC was trying to kill the service in order to save money. For equally as many years the Navy and Marine Corps have whined and whined about the need to keep the service running. I’ve never understood why. For someone PCS’ing out of Japan having to take the aircraft was nothing but a royal pain in the ass. Same is true if you were coming into Japan PCS.

At least in this interation it is being run by Northwest-so perhaps the experience of the traveler is better than it used to be. Before it was run by lowest bidder airlines, left at an ugodly hour from the states and arrived at a bad time over here. Any one who could work the system did-to avoid having to use it. ( I know because I was one of those people).

Arriving at Yokota from Okinawa on Thursday, Staff Sgt. Angelo Bryant said Northwest’s Patriot Express was problem-free and things ran “really smooth” even though he had four small children in tow. 

“Compared to riding in the back of a [military aircraft], this was heaven,” he said.


Maybe-but you have an entitlement to an commercial air ticket that does not cost much more than the Express does. And I’ll bet would have made your travel time a lot less and more comfortable.

Problem is, it is still the USAF and AMC running the boarding and debarking, and you still have to show up 4 and 1/2 hours before your flight. So that you can sit around and log J-time in the terminal. Even having to go to Narita by bus is not that bad.

If one is stationed in the Kanto Plain there is no benefit to using the aircraft. For Misawa based personnel there is some, less so for Iwakuni and or Kadena based personnel. Flying into and out of Osaka pretty much negates any advantage of using the aircraft for those folks. And, as I mentioned-the advantage of being able to go direct to the East Coast outweighs any other advantage that taking the aircraft creates-if one is moving to the East Coast. (Or east of Denver…).

So this is nothing to celebrate. The thing to celebrate is the day that AMC and the USAF cancels the route for good.

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Feb 21 2008

Back to Korea

The time has come the walrus said, to talk of many things:

Of flag officers and managers

Of cabbages and kings.

Of synonyms-like drunken lemurs. (“What’s a two word combination meaning ‘Air Force General….’ ?”).

So now I know why I’m leaving after this final expedition to la la land:


 Back to the land of the morning calm. And after that:


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Nov 01 2007

An inconvienent truth……..

Refueling American ships is not the only thing the JSDF is going to stop doing. They are going to stop flying US cargo. I say good, its about time the USAF was made to own up to the truth.

Namely that it has enough airlift here in Asia-but it is horribly mismanaged.  This quote for the a USAF officer is pretty amazing when you think of it.

Graham said losing Operation Freedom Lift will mean an increase in payloads on Air Force planes, primarily those at Yokota and Kadena Air Base, Okinawa.

“This just relieved us of some of the load of what we had to take down there,” he added. “Now, there’s another load we’re going to have to pick up. Does it stop the mission? No. But every partner we have helping is an important piece.”

Why? Most cargo under 150 pounds can be moved at a cheaper cost using DHL or Yamato Takubin. To get heavier items to Iwakuni they can be overnight trucked from distribution points in Japan and cut out the Yokota middleman.

The USAF does not offer enough airlift of either pax or cargo between Guam and / or Korea so too many pax go commercial. Which is just as well because the commercial tickets actually prove to be cheaper in some cases than what the USAF charges.

Which is really what makes this little exchange the lie that it is. The simple fact is that if the USAF would be more flexible and not charge an arm and a leg to other components it could move all the cargo requirements in Japan and have capacity to spare.

The airlift crews do a great job generally. They are underutilized though and the thing really falls apart in its administrative piece because of stupid USAF rules. The worst part is that the JASDF folks were just as inflexible as their USAF counterparts. Ask anyone who used their services going down to Iwo Jima. They could have learned it from only on place. Another Mission Canceled (and charged!).

That’s the inconvenient truth they don’t want you to know. Gotta have money for those F-22′s!

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Jul 04 2007

Game shows……..

Featuring fighter pilots:

I know a few who could qualify-H/T to Air Force Blues!

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Mar 28 2007

The USAF scale

I’m confused where this falls.

In USAF speak its good when someone enters a beauty pagent.

However its bad if you make a million dollars posing for a major magazine.

So what happens when you try out for this contest?

Miss Flash Natsuko Tatsumi flanked by runners up Momo Yoshida and Asami Tani at a press conference to introduce the top finishers in the Miss Flash 2007 competition.Flash is a weekly publication in Japan that bills itself as a “weekly photo magazine.”

More pictures here. H/T to Japundit!

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Mar 23 2007

The death of common sense……

I know why I am so frustrated this week. It is because we have lost the ability to empower people to make decisions at the right level. Watched a bunch of guys get their a**s handed to them because they took fuzzy direction and tried to run with it. In the process they misinterpreted that direction so when they got to see the Big Guy with it, he was…..well…..less than thrilled. Back to the drawing board.

I blogged about this subject one time before when I was in Korea. Too many decisions get made at too high a level. Which in turn requires such a scripted process that the hard questions do not get asked nor do senior personnel have the time to do the detailed reading that have might allowed an “easier course correction” to be made before a bunch of hardworking guys went down a rat hole.

Why does this happen? Because someone made a mistake once….or twice. And the senior person got burned by it, and regretted not more closely micromanaging the process. So future actions require the “eye of the master”. The subordinate learns what from this process? Take the path of least resistance—and tell the boss what he wants to hear. The days of a good ass chewing, and then move on, are gone I fear. Thanks to the advent of Power Point and the VTC. Which allows the operational decision maker to become way too involved in the tactical.

Now of course, in war, the price of mistakes are high. Furthermore, peoples lives are involved. So there are some things that have to be vetted all the way. However, that said, not everything is worth doing to perfection. Some things are worth doing only good enough and some are not worth doing at all. The trick was always to know which was which.

One of the more depressing things I observe every time I come here is how little authority is delegated to the right level. And how little effort is devoted to getting the initial guidance right in the first place, then let the workers get the job done. I’ll bet our overly inflated levels of decision making have a lot to do with the fiasco in Iraq. It is depressing to meet men with over 24 years of service to their country and some solid operational experience, being reduced to slick ad men selling a product.

Of course on that judgment there will be nay sayers, but I’ll stand by my guns. Decision makers don’t have enough time to think, read and ask questions in a less formal way. They are too busy getting ready for the next brief.

Maybe it is because USAF people spend too much time watching a guy like this:

Maybe if they spent a little more of their off time drinking this:

While working on this:

They would have a better perspective! Let the games begin!

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Feb 04 2007

I fought the man…..

And the man won.

Today has been frustrating to say the least. I was supposed to go to Seoul, but I finally got a hold of my sister to find out, to my relief, that my parents are OK. The woman needs to learn how to leave a message when she calls my work!

So I spent the day engrossed in my Suez War book-which is tough to follow, I do a lot of skipping around. It was probably the same way for Anthony Eden.

Also tried to get my wireless internet to work in the room and for some reason it did not. Which is why this post will be short. After 5 to 7 OB’s, I don’t have the stamina for it.

Why did the man win? Because the USAF has lost it mind when it comes to prohibited we sights. They even censor google searches. I typed in ” How to defeat USAF firewalls” and it blocked me. However what to me is amazing is that FOX news, the Town Hall Harlot and Lex are all allowed by USAF networks. Try to access Wonkette though…..forget about it. And my blog, well suffice it to say its not being read off of USAF servers.

Bought some DVD’s today, including one of my favorite movies, A River runs through it. I love that movie and miss fly fishing that I used to do with my dad.

I can’t even go to my bank on a USAF network. And when I tried to use the wireless in the room I couldn’t. What the hell are these guys thinking?

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Jan 31 2007


Doing things to too much of an extreme. It what one could say about the USAF firewall policy.

Whatever happened to the idea of encouraging recreational usage of the internet-so long as it does not interfer with buisness. As I have rapidly discovered in the past couple of days about the only sites I can get to are Sesame Street and the 700 Club.

What is up with that?Pretty soon they are probably going to ban Sesame Street I think.

So its taken me about two days to figure out short cuts and workarounds to big brother. It involves careful planning and using 3 different computers at 3 different locations. And freezing my ass off walking between them. What is really amazing to me is not being able to reach my work e-mail from my laptop because the hit is coming from a Korean IP.

Probably the Air Force, like China wants to purify the internet. And ensure conformity of thought. God forbid you would think for yourself.

Maybe that is the price we pay for our technological advances. I’d like to think not, but sometimes I wonder.

At least in the old days one could read subversive books. You know-like 1984.

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Jan 17 2007

Not the brightest bulb in the lamp…..

Hi. This is Michelle Manhart. She will be unemployed soon.

She is the USAF Staff Sergeant who posed in Playboy-then went on TV and said she did not think anything would happen for it. You can check out her resume here and here and here. ( for research purposes only, you understand).

References can be found with these guys. Please hire this woman!

How in the heck does one get six rows of ribbons in only 8 years? Enquiring minds want to know!

My friends at provided the following summary:

An Air Force spokesman said, “This staff sergeant’s
alleged action does not meet the high standards we expect of our Airmen, nor does it comply with the Air Force’s core values of integrity, service before self, and excellence in all we do.”Ouch, that’s a little harsh, don’t you think? No integrity? No excellence? True, Manhart may have put her own desires before those of the Air Force, but how does posing for Playboy lack integrity and excellence? She wasn’t caught selling “her goods” on a San Antonio street corner. She posed for the world’s No. 1 men’s entertainment magazine. We’d say that’s excellence. Now, had she posed for D-Cup or Hustler, we might see the Air Force’s side of the story, but this is Playboy; arguably the world’s most respected and professional men’s entertainment magazine.

Latest news can be found here and here.

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