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Oct 18 2016


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The S.O. and I went to Krakow for a long weekend. This is St. Mary's Basilica in the center of the old city ( click to see properly):

img_6498 img_6499 img_6500 img_6501img_6508 img_6509 img_6510 img_6511 img_6512 img_6502

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Sep 18 2016


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More pictures from the trip in July ( Click to see properly):

img_6192 img_6166 img_6183 img_6197 img_6193 img_6163 img_6190 img_6187

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Aug 24 2016


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Finally getting around to bookkeeping from the cruise. Below are some pictures from the massively awesome city of Riga. A great place to have visited and I would love to go back.


Riga is the city of cats/ Not sure of the reason why:

The weather had not been so great up till this day-but it turned really nice when in Riga. Click on the remaining pictures to see them properly


IMG_6468  IMG_6496 IMG_6487 IMG_6489 IMG_6455 IMG_6478

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Aug 08 2016

Speaking of ships

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The S.O. and I made our first cruise ever on the Splendour of the Seas last year. It was her last year sailing for Royal Caribbean, as it had been announced she was being sold to TUI Cruises. We thought the crew did a good job seeing the ship out in style and we loved our cruise. But in assembling videos for our last cruise, I found this view The Splendour's transformation to TUI livery.


Guess you have to be something of a nautical geek. But please remember, even with the new coat of paint-the ship is over 20 years old.

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Jul 02 2016

The call of the sea….

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Because saving money in the wake of the Brexit disaster is for pussies, right?

Actually, I paid for this 6 months ago, long before I knew that 37.5% of the British people were going to fuck over the world.

And since they did, I thought I would go to the home of government provided services and take a cruise. Greetings from Stockholm.

M&O Serenade of the seas 01

That will be me on the fantail, debating whether to throw my self or my drink overboard. Either way, I'll be off the grid for a bit.

Have a great holiday weekend.


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Jun 09 2016

More from Kotor

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Which is in Montenegro if you did not know.




Kotor calls it self the City of Cats

Kotor calls it self the City of Cats

Kotor 27






It's a beautiful place and the drive down the Coast Road in Croatia is beautiful too!

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Jun 02 2016

Red Dress Rules

My apologies for the absence this week. Was down in Croatia taking some well deserved time off. We went to Split and then drove from there down to Montenegro and the town and bay of Kotor. Its a beautiful place and worth the time to visit. That said-driving there is a pain in the ass. From Croatia one has to go through Bosnia Herzegovina, where according to Google Maps, the E-65 continues on through. ( An expressway that is beautiful in Croatia). But it was closed 10km inside the BIH border. From then on , well lets just say the roads were less than optimum until you get to Montenegro. Especially in the Republic of Srpska . It is  one of two constitutional and legal entities of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the other being the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is not a great place. In my opinion and in the opinion of the cow that tried to run over our rental car. ( True story).

But Montenegro was ok, with improved roads that twisted through the mountains on the way to Kotor. While on the way I had to give the S.O. a mini-history lesson of sorts, since it was apparent she must have slept through most of the 90's, or as I suspect, she spent too much time watching boring shows on NHK and not enough time watching the news.

Also for me, it was a bit of stroll down memory lane since I had flown over much of Croatia and Bosnia during Operation Deny Flight in 1994 and 1995. We just never landed there.

While exploring the old city of Kotor though, twice we stumbled upon wedding parades. Suffice it to say the girl watching was pretty nice:

Kotor Red

MILF or Millennial, the red dress always works!


This picture was taken on Sunday after we had finished hiking up to the fortress on the mountain above the town. However the previous night, there was a wedding procession through the old town to the church. One again, the red dress proved its worth:

Kotor Red1

The bow tie has to be a clip on!

Kotor 3

These folks stopped in at a cafe on the wall for a pregame warm-up.

Kotor 4

And we have to pay homage to these:

Kotor 5

Blue dresses look pretty nice too! Wonder how you say, "Nice Rack!" in Serbo-Croatian?


More trip pix tomorrow.


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Mar 28 2016

Where was Waldo?

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Sorry for the lack of posts. I just got back from a nice weekend here.

Where was I?


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Sep 25 2015

Going Nordo.

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Walking up the brow this weekend and going haze gray and underway. No wait a minute, the ship is white.

How about , "Bright white and out of sight!"surprise?

Either way posting will be non-existent for a bit. ( again).

But I could not let the good news / bad news of the day pass unnoticed.  Because the Pope has to be a powerful guy.




I admit, I did not see that coming. I mean wow-I never would have thought that would happen.

But here is the problem-there are any numbers of blatantly deranged psychopaths that are waiting in the wings to take his place.

And in news pretty much guaranteed to fuck up my world-I think it pretty much guarantees a government shut down.

Just one more reason to buy that unlimited drinks package , I guess.

See you on the other side!


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Jun 20 2015

Just a walk in the park

Well, not really. Rather, it is an early morning ride to the S-Bahn station, and then a hike up the non-running escalator to await the arrival of my ride to the main train station. Its traveling time again, and even though I had very little sleep last night, the thought of travel makes my senses tingle and excitement courses through my veins.

Boarding the S-Bahn early on a Saturday morning is always something of an interesting sight. There among the silent or sleeping passengers-heading to work or home from a long night-lays the remains from the carnage of a Friday night. In the trash bins along the side of the car are empty beer bottles, a lone empty bottle of vermouth, and just forward of my seat, a Stolichnaya bottle that evidently had given its contents to the service of someone’s heavy intoxication.

Arriving at the Hauptbanhof only adds to the assault on the senses. Rising from the deep tracks where the S-Bahn arrives, one is immediately able to see, hear and smell the variety of the station’s underground. Passengers and tourists, some with suitcases, some without, scurry in all directions. From the bakeries the smell of fresh bread and pastry, mixed with smell of brewing coffee wafts in and around my nose. The noise of both trains and people is every present, but because it is still early in the morning, its still rather subdued. Come the late afternoon it will rise to a louder crescendo-but for now, it’s a rather peaceful and contemplative sight.


Having traversed the length of the underground concourse, a turn left is needed and onto yet another escalator, this one heading up to the heart of the main station with the high stone ceiling so common among European train stations. A quick stop at Starbucks halfway up and then it’s on the main lobby area. As I ride the second and last escalator up, behind me, a man is wailing, possibly drunk, definitely having had better days, holding plastic garbage bag full of bottles and cans. A homeless man perhaps? Hoping to score enough in recyclables to buy a meal or more drinks I think. Departing the escalator, he is quickly accosted by the Polezei, who I assume put an end to his scavenging ways.

The Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof currently has a lot of construction going on. The beginning of the platforms is moved almost half a kilometer down from the station lobby area. I’ve got just 15 minutes to traverse to my platform and board a high speed train that will whisk me up to Frankfurt airport and flying.

These sights and sounds are one of the things I really love about being in Europe and being lucky enough to have a job that allows me to travel the way I do. Had I been still in Shopping Mall, the morning would have been a slower start, but with none of this excitement. For all the things that I have to complain about, they all tend to recede into the background on a morning like this. I’m a lucky man indeed. Right now, for a bunch of reasons, the future here is uncertain-but those worries are for another day and time. For today, I can relax and enjoy the movement of the traveling man. And that’s enough for me today.





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