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Dec 31 2013

New Years Eve

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Well that's a trip that can be wiped off the books. We arrived in Lisbon nicely, got our car and arrived at our hotel: The Palace Hotel in Estoril. Where I have always wanted to stay, given that it is in "The Winds of War" by Herman Wouk. Its the place where Bryon and Natalie spent their wedding night, Leslie Slote got to watch the only woman he ever really loved-get married to someone else. And the chain of events began that catapulted Natalie into the hands of the Nazi's.

As and aside, it was also the inspiration for a few of Ian Flemings Bond adventures-evidently there was a lot of Cold War Intrigue at the Hotel.


And I have lots more to tell. But unfortunately, the night we arrived-I felt fine when I went to bed. At 3:AM I woke up violently sick, barely making it to the bathroom in time. This continued for the next 6 hours off an on-and by 9AM rolled around I was considering going up to the roof and throwing myself off it and not caring whether I missed the pool or not. I spent the ensuing day in bed and a part of the next one. Only started feeling better on Monday on the way home.

Today I have been on the couch, nursing my strength-which is a lousy way to spend New Years,

So I will have a more thoughtful missive later when I can stand it.

As an aside-the hotel is REALLY nice. I just saw too much of my bed and not enough of Lisbon.

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Dec 22 2013

Feeling some deja vu

Yesterday the S.O. had to work. So of course, I got tasked with filling a shopping list from hell. Which was really OK, I needed to restock on beer for the Holiday anyway-and I am still not to the point that I have tried every beer in the getranke markt. So into the car I jumped.

The morning had started as many German mornings in winter do-with thick fog. But once it burned off, the day was glorious. As I spun the VW out onto the B-464 road with its great diesel acceleration, I marveled at the view before me. The ever so typical rolling farmland here, and the ever so GERMAN view of the buildings.

In many ways, Stuttgart is just like shopping mall. Same issues-shopping malls are the same pretty much, but the architecture of the houses here is drastically different. And thus, it just looks and feels different to my American senses. There is of course the fact that the signs are in a different language, which after two years I can read well. ( I also have become reasonably proficient again in the German language, as I proved to myself when I made our restaurant reservations all in German yesterday. Its the small victories that count).

As the car unwound, I savored the real beauty of the day. The sun was out, it was not too cold, and the traffic was unusually light. The music playing on the I-Pod was Rod Stewart. :Maggie May.



For some reason that song always makes me nostalgic-makes me think back to the world of my time in High School when the song was relatively new. The bulk of my life was ahead then-and what a glorious life I imagined it would be! I knew I wanted to go into the Navy. I knew pretty much by then I would attend a military college. I was going to fly! Those were things that mattered. I was going to be a pilot!

Now as it turned out, more than a few detours ensued subsequent to those days-and perhaps that is why the song strikes a chord with me. The line "I wish I had never seen your face" applies to the ex wife and others. The tone of missed opportunity in the song is interesting to me. I can always listen to it with a combination of melancholy and resigned acceptance.

And as came up to the exit to head to the Westerhof ( the recycling center, a weekly chore the S.O. and I fight over who will do), I reveled in the fact that despite the best efforts of the evil man, to subjugate me to his program, and his stupid vision for my life-I had prevailed. "I'm still here you greasy bastard!"

And that, guaranteed it was going to be a good day. Living on my terms is indeed the best revenge.

Happy Sunday!

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Aug 27 2013

Buzzword Bingo

I came across this article the other day about the slide into jargon that the military and so many Amercian businesses have gotten into. I think Mr. Marr has a point. In the article below-he mentions the worst offenders. Several drinking games come to mind seeing this list.

By Bernard Marr



I reckon every office or workplace has one of those people that are just

full of jargon-ridden management drivel. Does this kind of 'management

speak' remind you of someone at your work place: "Before going forward we

have to touch base and reach out to our key stakeholders so that we can

drill down into the key issues that are not yet on our radar and catch the

low-hanging fruits…"


Are you surrounded by people who annoyingly can't get enough of the

management gobbledygook and who utter one jargon buzzword after another? Are

your meetings buzzing with so much management lingo that you find it hard to

get to the real meaning of what is being said? The problem I have with these

phrases is that they sound so pretentious and often are counter-productive

because they irritate people so much and deflect from the real meaning.


Below are my top 30 most irritating and overused phrases we hear at work. I

am sure you have others that you can add to this list. Let's make it the

most comprehensive list of unnecessary management drivel ever – Please add

your ones using the comment field!


For me, these are my top 30 most irritating jargon phrases and words used at


 1.Going forward


 3.End of play

 4.Touch base

 5.It's on my radar

 6.No brainer

 7.Best of breed

 8.Low hanging fruit

 9.Reach out

 10.Dive deeper

 11.Think outside the box

 12.Positive momentum



 15.Run the numbers

 16.Touch points

 17.Keep your eye on the ball

 18.Back to the drawing board

 19.Get the ball rolling

 20.Bang for your buck

 21.Close the deal


 23.Shift paradigm

 24.Move the needle


 26.Move the goal post

 27.Value added


 29.Across the piece

 30.All hands on deck


What do you think? Do you agree? Are these the most irritating phrases?

Please let me know which ones you would add to this list!




Bernard Marr is a best-selling business author and enterprise performance

expert. Make sure you click 'Follow' if you would like to hear more from

Bernard Marr in the future and feel free to also connect via Twitter,

Facebook and The Advanced Performance Institute


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Dec 14 2012

So how was my day at work?

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Oh you know, the usual delights. What was the number of that truck driving school again? There are some days I really envy truck drivers.

When I was back in the US in DC-I met a lot of people who have jobs just like mine. They have the extra down side of having to live in DC. I at least have decent train service and better beer.

So I've got that going for me.

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Oct 16 2011

Meanwhile, up on the sixth floor……

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The program managers have their weekly conference with the Director of the 223rd worst place to work in the Federal government:

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Jul 25 2011

I’m sure those black T-shirts will fix it.

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This is unbelievable.

In a slap at the fading and officially out-of-favor tradition of racy, sarcastic and irreverent aviation call signs, a just-retired Navy fighter squadron commanding officer was censured by Navy Secretary Ray Mabus Wednesday for failing to halt and subsequently condoning the hazing of a junior officer at a 2009 call sign review board where assembled officers voted to call the officer “Romo’s Bitch,” the Navy announced late Friday.

The “shoeification” of Naval Aviation continues.

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Mar 06 2011

An un-enterprising mindset….

This post is not so lovingly dedicated to Phib’s commenter Anathema, who was the central figure in the comment fest over at his place. The veracity with which he defends the flawed decision making of our gutless Naval Leadership-compels me to write this post. Please forward to him if you wish. He needs to read it.

On Friday, I spent some time reading the just released JAGMAN investigation into the so called “Enterprise XO movie night videos”  incident.
Never in 30+ years in and around the Naval Service have I seen so many people get screwed over something so insignificant and so trivial. You really should read the whole thing, all 74 pages. You can cut the hypocrisy with a knife. I commented on this a few weeks ago-but the tenure of the debate since then, and the over reaction by the chain of command demands further comment.

A few words up front.  I know many of the participants in these events-so it colors my view to some extent. Getting moral lectures on what should and should not be present in Naval Aviation grates me-especially when I know that many of those giving such lectures engaged in plenty of similar activities. So appeals to my better nature tend to fall on deaf ears.

In case you don’t have time to read the whole thing, here is the cliff notes version:

The XO made videos to put in front of Saturday night movie night. Contrary to what many are saying now-this always was, and has been a tradition aboard many aircraft carriers. ( They had them on Coral Sea and TR for a couple of examples of ships I served on). What is new-is the idea of someone trying to put spontaneity and some humor into these videos. Most CVN XO’s are clones of each other. They wouldn’t do it-because they lack the humor and/ or the ability to pull it off. Ambition tends to beat that out of them at an early age-and add to it the prerequisites to be even considered for  Nuke XO and its clear that “free spirits” are definitely not a part of that gene pool. (and certainly won’t be in the future).

So when someone tried to put a little life into them-here is what happened:

 Most of the crew probably liked them-a few well-placed female officers probably didn’t, and whined. In the middle of the cruise it was noted-but there were probably more important things to worry about like making the flight schedule and making sortie count. Now 4 years after the fact-with a new “special minority to be appeased” its time to show the greater world we “get it”. So hypocrites who should have more willingness to take care of their own,  are more than willing to throw their shipmates to the wolves. Been there done that in the aftermath of Tailhook, where- there as now-good men got screwed to appease a noisy few.

The investigation backs this premise up. The PDF will not allow you to copy and quote individual sections but I would draw your attention to a couple of items.

1) The investigation was specifically not tasked to investigate who made these videos public, thus denying the opportunity to keep this inside the Navy lifelines. Kind of sad really since I be willing to bet more than a couple of beers it was someone trying to settle a grudge.

2) The investigation casts a huge net as to what is “offensive”. (Paragraph 5). Suffice it to say, what they consider to be offensive-was quite normal during my time. And is still done today-although I’m sure it is being done more quietly now.

3) The phrase “popular with the crew” is used ten times at least. The phrase ” no one complained about the videos” is also used a lot. So are the words, “so and so was not derelict in the performance of his duty”-but they were quickly disregarded in the conclusions. Oh yea-the words, “Enterprise morale was high” show up a lot too.

4). Page 24 is key. A female CDR who had a “close personal and professional relationships with a member of the CSG-12 staff”  whined about the videos. Now mind you the CAPT had already discussed when and where content crossed his personal comfort line and the CSG-12 commander accepted explanations of counseling at face value.

5) And oh yes, the Enterprise was on deployment, with an old ship and still won the Battle E.

There are some very particular issues here as I see it.

Issue #1: The hoary old issue of “command presence” is at the heart of this.  This question has been around since the 1970′s that I can recall if not a lot longer. For the uninitiated-basically command presence is the idea that you have to be a certain type of personality to be effective in command. Those who believe strongly in the idea tend to have little use for mitigating factors such as great piloting, ship-handling, or great skills at tactical execution. ( Also known as the now defunct holy grail of the Navy: being able to “fight the aircraft, ship or submarine”).  These folks were described in an August 1984 issue of US Naval Institute proceedings. Namely,  people with great “command presence”:

When faced with quick decisions, they will opt for the status quo. He (or she) is inherently short on imagination, preferring careful analysis to brilliant insights. He is overly cautious…but will try to look the part of a traditional Naval Officer….and is usually very demanding “about looking good around the ship“. BTW -most “command presence” kind of folks are “thunderstruck” at liberty in Olangapo or Pattaya-their favorite ports are Monaco or Cannes. “Although he may not do well in combat-he will gladly die trying“.

In a nutshell any arguments about what CAPT Honors did or did not do are centered on this. NOT ONCE, have I heard his ship-handling, piloting skills, or ability to track details discussed as a mitigating factor. Nor it would seem is anyone asking if he could understand the concerns of the deck plate Sailor. They come back to command presence. There is no room in today’s Navy for characters-especially when “shoes” are making the judgment.

Issue #2-Nothing, even it it never violates the UCMJ, is ever in the past. Which is odd-since even the UCMJ itself has a statute of limitations. CAPT Honors-for whatever concerns were voiced about his failure as an VJ-evidently received good enough FITREPS to allow him to go on to his Deep Draft and then to subsequent CVN Command. If you are currently serving on active duty today, you should be very concerned about this, because it now means that anyone, and I do mean anyone, with an axe to grind can go back and resurrect a past decision and get it to be used against you.

Ask yourself this question? Why did this require letters of censure? A quick, ” I think you should retire” and a quiet P-4 ordering that XO movie night videos shall not be produced anymore couldn’t suffice? Of course not-not with DADT repealed and a new need to show people who cannot and will not serve,  that the Navy somehow “gets it”. And why didn’t subsequent performance and accomplishment serve to mitigate any desire to punish these individuals? Because it got out in the press and embarrassed the Navy.

3) Issue #3. It is wrong to punish enlisted people for following lawful orders and telling them what they should or should not be offended at.  Several of the critical paragraphs take Enterprise crew members to task for not voicing offense to things that they did not find offensive to begin with is just plain wrong.  I’ll grant that officers bear responsibility and will take the heat when they decided wrong-this wholesale action to formally single out enlisted personnel, whose only crime was doing their job, is just wrong. Furthermore, by making statements that they have some sort of an obligation to whine-ensures you will have whining of the worst sort. ( Law of unintended consequences).

Issue 4-This kind of overkill, on what is essentially an isolated issue, when real negligence on behalf of our personnel and procurement leadership is overlooked, sends a signal too. Who has been fired over LCS? LPD-17? JSF?Someone did get fired over JSF-but the program is still hosed.  Who is going to go back and formally censure those leaders who created the train wreck that is Naval Aviation procurement?  The XO Movie Night videos got a woman offended-the latter will actually kill people. Page 55 and the “lecture given” rings hollow from guys who acquiesced to similar things in their own time -and participated in really dumb perosnnel and hardware decisions with no one holding them accountable for them.  So spare me the moral outrage.

Now as I said at the begining-I’m not surprised at the way it all turned out-but I am more than a little angry and at the same time sad. 

 As far as I am concerned it is the natural result of the trend that many of us warned would happen when squadrons and ships were made mixed gender-namely, that unlike what the women said they wanted, “to just be treated like the men”, the real agenda was to change and destroy the culture of the Naval Aviation and ruin everything that made it fun. And it would appear they have succeeded.

There are people who say I am defending unprofessional conduct. I firmly reject that contention-now and in the future. But don’t kid yourself this is deeper task, nothing less than legislating conformity to a humorless and quite frankly, “watch your back” type of day to day environment that is not good for anyone.  The a work hard,  play hard environment of Naval Aviation is dead. And it’ s not coming back. Enjoy life as Black Shoes who fly airplanes. I’m glad I won’t have to join you.

Last Friday was the first day that I could truly say I no longer missed the Navy and I am glad I am retired. I am glad I served when I did and not in the one the “Throw ‘em under the bus” crowd wants to create.

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Nov 16 2010

Coming to a children’s books store near you…..

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And Rodney Dangerfield thought he did not get any respect!

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Oct 31 2010

And what will we have to show for it?

4 Billion Dollars. That’s the amount of money spent on the midterm elections this year.

Its a staggering sum-especially when you consider that the supposed central theme of this election year is anger about money being wasted.

4 billion dollars. Thing what that money could have done put to a good use. It could be making a good dent on research for AIDS, cancer, and other scourges of our existence. For that kind of money we could fund new schools in a lot of places. We could build a high speed train system between Atlanta and Washington DC. We could do a lot of things.

Instead-as a whole- the country wasted it on this:

I am no political theorist. But here is a concept that seems obvious to me. If you populate government with ignorant people, or with people who avowedly disrespect government, or with people whose background and experience and public integrity in no way merit political office, sooner or later you will have worse governance. The same is true if you elect leaders following political campaigns that overflow with hysteria. Four billion dollars spent to scare voters. Four billion spent to preserve the lobbyists’ hold on Washington. Garbage in, garbage out. “Everything is amplified,” Jon Stewart said Saturday at his “Restore Sanity” rally, “so nothing gets heard.”

Unbelievable. And what is truly appalling is that people are putting up with it. In the case of the Tea Party-they are actively encouraging collective ignorance. AS Bloomberg noted recently-in this election cycle, barely 3-out 10 Americans know the true facts about the economy and what’s happened to it since 2008. (I’ll have more on this later).

4 billion dollars. Wasted. The Tea Bag nation must be so proud of themselves.

This is no way to run a railroad (or a country).

Indeed, the 2010 crop of campaign insanity, unleashed by Citizens United, explains precisely why the “Restore Sanity” rally with Stewart and Stephen Colbert has resonated so well. A great many people, and especially a great number of younger people, want adults in Washington who will act with foresight and selflessness. And this includes the media estalishment. The ralliers are skeptical of a politics-centric media they see in self-sustaining partnership with the engines of the political campaigns. These people want smart candidates. They want even smarter elected officials. And they don’t want to feel like they are being played by Establishment journalists. They don’t see the wisdom they know democracy needs in and around Washigton; instead, they see high comedy, a tragi-comedy really, unfolding on their watch.

Democracy demands wisdom. But this year, all democracy seems to have offered is Christine O’Donnell, with her proud ignorance, and Alvin Greene, with his own baffling riff, and dozens of other candidates unworthy of our respect, let alone our votes. It has given us a candidate, California’s Meg Whitman, who wants so desperately to be elected that she was willing to spend nearly $200 million of her own money to do so, a fact which ought to legally disqualify her from politics again. And it has given us Sarah Palin, the avatar of the naton’s latest know-nothing movement, looming in the wings. Friends, this is no way to run a democracy, much less a wise one.

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Jul 17 2010

Well, so much for that idea……

I really thought I was going to get some posting done this week. Lots to write about with the Tour De France, Steinbrenner dying, and other events going on.

But alas it was not to be. Maybe tomorrow. I’m locking my blackberry in my safe and not touching it all day. Say hello to my voice mail.

Hopefull when this week is over-and the team size drops again, I will have more of a reasonable life again. One can dream can’t he?

“PowerPoint makes us stupid.”

It’s dangerous because it can create the illusion of understanding and the illusion of control. Some problems in the world are not bullet-izable.”

In General McMaster’s view, PowerPoint’s worst offense is not a chart like the spaghetti graphic [of our Afghan strategy], which was first uncovered by NBC’s Richard Engel, but rigid lists of bullet points (in, say, a presentation on a conflict’s causes) that take no account of interconnected political, economic and ethnic forces. “If you divorce war from all of that, it becomes a targeting exercise,” General McMaster said.  Commanders say that behind all the PowerPoint jokes are serious concerns that the program stifles discussion, critical thinking and thoughtful decision-making. Not least, it ties up junior officers — referred to as PowerPoint Rangers — in the daily preparation of slides, be it for a Joint Staff meeting in Washington.

Even more dangerous, the article implies, is that it leads to bad decision-making, with serious consequences:

Commanders say that the slides impart less information than a five-page paper can hold, and that they relieve the briefer of the need to polish writing to convey an analytic, persuasive point. Imagine lawyers presenting arguments before the Supreme Court in slides instead of legal briefs.

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Jan 18 2010

Mission Accomplished?

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Japan is ending its refueling mission in the Indian Ocean:

The Maritime Self-Defense Force’s refueling mission in the Indian Ocean ended Friday, upon the expiration of the relevant law. The mission was in support of U.S.-led antiterrorism operations in and around Afghanistan that began in the wake of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks in the United States.

Instead, the Hatoyama administration has opted to increase direct aid to Afghanistan. It has pledged up to $5 billion in civilian aid over five years, a substantial contribution toward improving the welfare of the Afghan people.

Not suprising really. Although given the fact that the United States has  underinvested in its fleet replenishment ships and the JMSDF ships filled a real void-it is a sign of “support fatigue” among one of the best allies of the United States. Plus-in the last couple of years or so-as the Afghans have screwed the pooch again and again, there have been real questions as to what value the mission was bringing to Japan. Especially when you consider the actions of the big bully next door in China.

Given Japan’s constitution and the current public sentiment, its hard to see how Japan will do anything non-monetary. Send ground forces to Afghanistan? Not a chance.

Send the JASDF to fly cargo missions? If memory serves they have been doing that in other theaters.  JASDF  aircaft could help make a difference-but there is this pesky problem of Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution.

One of the issues the “war without end” crowd continue to ignore is the fact that the longer this goes on-the less inclined others are to help, especially without seeing a real tangible return for their own people. Welcome to yet another result of the “wrong path chosen”.

It will however, lose a bargaining chip for Japan with respect to the Security Treaty and Okinawa-unless by stopping the mission now-they think they can offer it back later. That is something I highly doubt.

William Krystol must be so proud.

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Jan 25 2009

End of the world as they know it?

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The world of Microsoft that is.

Damn! I’ll hate it when I have to buy that MAC…………….

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Nov 04 2008

Two things I wish we could vote on today.

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I’m off to go stand in line soon. Shopping Mall USA is expecting its largest turnout-ever. If there is one good thing about this election its that.

I wish that I did not have to work today. Why is that? Most civilized countries vote on Sunday or give a day off for election day. Why does not the US?

Here is something else I’d like to get a concensus on. Change the regular baseball season to 148 games. Having the World Series the same week as Halloween is lunacy. The boys of summer should not be throwing fast balls when they can’t feel their hands.

But what about the record books?

What about them? Barry Bonds and anebolic steriods made the records suspect anyway. Having a shorter season might actually have a benefical effect by making every at bat count more.

What’s more important it would bring the World Series back to early October and the playoffs to late September. Since the playoffs are already a week longer than they used to be- that’s a good thing.

So lets take a poll-what say all of you?

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Jun 19 2008

Dear Mr Gates…….

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If you wonder why the Apple computer company survives-well go back and look what your minions have been doing while you and Melinda were out saving the world. (How’s that going by the way?-Judging by the world these days, I’d say not so well.)

Consider what it takes to install Japanese language input editors so that the S.O. and myself can send e-mails in Japanese. Back in the bad old days-all I had to do was go to the Microsoft web site and down load the IME. Quick, easy and most important of all free.

Now however, you don’t tell people that your newer software products do not come with language packs installed. And then you have the temerity to charge for them! For a loyal Windows user I consider that an insult-which way to the Mac Store?

No one made it clear that I needed to buy the high line Vista to get language packs. Or that when I re-installed Office it would not bring the IME along with it. Even more importantly, it would seem you guys are so anal about software piracy that getting the downloaded IME is a major pain in the U-Know-Where.

So I had to deal with two issues last night-a pissed off S.O. who wanted to e-mail her friends and not trying to screw up my new purchase. It was also a pain in the ass re-setting all of my subscriptions to the SCMP, Japan Times and the Straits Times.

This is enough to send me over to Mac Land. You have been warned.

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Feb 14 2008

The day for lovers……..

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Which is not going to include me tonight! Happy f**king Valentines Day!

S.O. is sick today and to make matters worse-is really being a b i t c h.

Now mind you, one of the benefits of being older is realizing that its not personal. Its simply the way for her to vent her frustration-much of which is reflected frustration of that which is mine- concerning where I am at in life. Also I can tell her head really hurts. She is laying horizontal on the couch and she NEVER does that……………..

So I’ve learned to walk away, head for the fridge, drink beer, and leave her alone. Perhaps if I had learned that lesson more than a few years ago-my net worth would be substantially higher.

Maybe I should send a card: 


Click on the image to see it better!

VPS has a good perspective on the whole day:

When you say something to someone, whether it’s “Baby you’re the best fuck I’ve ever had” or “I love you” or “You’re my best friend and I’ll always be here for you”, how many times have you said it to someone else? Someone before, someone after. Out of all those times, how many times did you really mean it?

The before’s fine. Retrospect, there’s nothing you can do about that. But the someone after, that bothers me. A lot. It bothers me that it’s so easy to make all these promises that, at first sent little tingles down my spine and made my tummy feel like it was full of fluttering butterflies, can be broken and then so easily passed on to someone else

I have to agree with her. If, perchance I should somehow be able to send the S.O. packing ( an idea that is looking really good after beer number five and whine number 1292)  I would , and I mean it this time, never get involved with a woman except for mindless sex.

This would be a lot easier if: a) her smile were not so nice, b) she was not so nice a lady and so patient,  and c) if I had a million dollars in my money market account.

Since none of those things are happening any time soon-nothing to do but blog!


 As  I said before, the situation in Okinawa is going to get out of control. Today they released the speed brake:

As anger spreads throughout Okinawa over the alleged weekend rape by a U.S. Marine of a 14-year-old girl, two municipal assemblies in the prefecture adopted a joint resolution Wednesday calling for preventive steps, an apology and compensation for the victim.

The usual suspects are out:

OSAKA — Protests in Okinawa over the arrest of a U.S. Marine for the alleged rape of a 14-year-old girl continued Tuesday with demonstrations outside U.S. military bases.Okinawa police arrested 38-year-old Tyrone Hadnott, a U.S. Marine, on Monday on suspicion of raping the girl the day before. Hadnott denies the charge.Okinawa Women Act Against Military Violence, a local nongovernmental organization, sent a letter of protest to the U.S. government Monday calling for an official apology and compensation for the girl, and to punish the serviceman responsible. The group also demanded all U.S. bases be closed.“Can we allow the U.S. military to interfere in the lives of Okinawans? Why are we not making a safe environment for Okinawan women a priority?” asked Suzuyo Takazato, the group’s cochair.Some antibase activists worried that once the initial anger has subsided, people will forget about the incident until another comes along.

“Okinawans bear some responsibility for the alleged rape because of their ultimate indifference to the bases. Yes, they cried and publicly protested after a 12-year-old schoolgirl was raped in Okinawa in 1995, and often say they oppose the bases,” said antibase activist Natsume Taira.

“But that was a media performance. Unless they get serious about opposing the bases, this incident will be forgotten and there will be similar incidents in the future,” he said.

I guess the 28,000 people who don’t rape anyone does not count for any thing? Or those 5000 Master Labor Contract jobs don’t mean a damn thing either? You do remember that back up on Honshu, most Japanese don’t really give a damn about Okinawa-except to keep the majority of the Americans in Japan penned up there, don’t you?

I did not think so.

Well, that’s the day for me. No stimulus package here!

Time for another beer then. To hell with romance!


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