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Oct 11 2016

There is never a thesaurus around when you need one…….

And if you were a news reporter, you needed one this last weekend. Because they all had to spend a lot of time talking about this:



And there are only so many euphemisms you can come up with.

Fortunately for us all. Samantha Bee was busy looking in the Webster's, so you don't have to. This take down of the Orange Cheeto is just awesome.



So now you have a some synonyms you can use. Personally, "sin grotto" is a new one for me.

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Jun 02 2016

Red Dress Rules

My apologies for the absence this week. Was down in Croatia taking some well deserved time off. We went to Split and then drove from there down to Montenegro and the town and bay of Kotor. Its a beautiful place and worth the time to visit. That said-driving there is a pain in the ass. From Croatia one has to go through Bosnia Herzegovina, where according to Google Maps, the E-65 continues on through. ( An expressway that is beautiful in Croatia). But it was closed 10km inside the BIH border. From then on , well lets just say the roads were less than optimum until you get to Montenegro. Especially in the Republic of Srpska . It is  one of two constitutional and legal entities of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the other being the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is not a great place. In my opinion and in the opinion of the cow that tried to run over our rental car. ( True story).

But Montenegro was ok, with improved roads that twisted through the mountains on the way to Kotor. While on the way I had to give the S.O. a mini-history lesson of sorts, since it was apparent she must have slept through most of the 90's, or as I suspect, she spent too much time watching boring shows on NHK and not enough time watching the news.

Also for me, it was a bit of stroll down memory lane since I had flown over much of Croatia and Bosnia during Operation Deny Flight in 1994 and 1995. We just never landed there.

While exploring the old city of Kotor though, twice we stumbled upon wedding parades. Suffice it to say the girl watching was pretty nice:

Kotor Red

MILF or Millennial, the red dress always works!


This picture was taken on Sunday after we had finished hiking up to the fortress on the mountain above the town. However the previous night, there was a wedding procession through the old town to the church. One again, the red dress proved its worth:

Kotor Red1

The bow tie has to be a clip on!

Kotor 3

These folks stopped in at a cafe on the wall for a pregame warm-up.

Kotor 4

And we have to pay homage to these:

Kotor 5

Blue dresses look pretty nice too! Wonder how you say, "Nice Rack!" in Serbo-Croatian?


More trip pix tomorrow.


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Jan 01 2016

Happy New Year!

One of the traditions I like in Japan is their New Years greeting: Akimashite omedetou gozaimasu! Kotoshi mo yoroshiku onegai shimasu! ( Happy New Year. In this year too, please favor me).


(It's a one size fits all Nengajo- New Years Card). This year is Heisei 28.

Here in Germany, the S.O. and I were witness to the annual carnage that is Germans going nuts with fireworks. It was foggy this year so we could not see the adjoining villages as clearly as last year, but the carnage full throated with a low level of fireworks going from about 8 o'clock and all hell breaking loose at midnight. One can buy all kinds of fireworks in the grocery stores in the period right before Christmas.

Sadly, I was not at a New Years party much as I would have liked to be. So we enjoyed some of this:


The S.O. fell asleep and I watched the London and Edinburgh fireworks on BBC. Quite impressive-and made me want to be there myself.

In Munich there was a terrorist alert, police ward of an "imminent threat", while in Dubai there was a major building fire. True to form the Arabs showed how utterly tasteless they can be by going ahead with their huge fireworks show anyway.

Brussels, on the other hand canceled its fireworks because of credible information about terrorists. After all, they probably can only support one police orgy per year.

The Sydney, Auckland, Hong Kong, and Singapore fireworks looked awesome-wish I had been there.

But here I am at home-yet again. Meet the new year-same as the last year.

Happy New Year.



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Dec 26 2015

Happy Boxing Day!

Greetings to one and all!

Contrary to some reports, rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated. I am still alive, still thinking,  and hopefully now, able to return to writing.

My original plan had been to return to posting after we got back from the cruise. Unfortunately events took another turn and I have spent the last couple of months first traveling, then in and out of hospitals and doctors offices-as a result of that travel. I'll spare you the details, but while I was in Israel, I became violently ill. Rather than do the smart thing and go to an Israeli ER-I gutted out eight hours on a plane back to Germany. That only made things worse and I ended up going straight from the airport to the hospital.

Moral of the story? Be careful where and what you eat! And don't let yourself get dehydrated!

However, that is not all of the story. The other part was-I just did not feel like I had anything useful to say. My passion for American politics remains, however it does not take a skilled observer to point out that American politics is currently a huge mess. 2016 is going to be a critical year for the land of my birth and I am quite depressed with the prospects. I fear we , as Americans, will do our best to take a bad situation and fuck it up beyond all repair. It's what we do. I mean really, Donald Trump?

The final piece of the puzzle was doing some professional thinking about the remainder of my working life, which is not as long as it should be, or as well resourced as it needs to be.  Regrettably,  I have not been able to find my way back to Asia-but I did get some good news after my hospital stay(s) which helped balance out what was otherwise a depressing outlook in general.

And then there is the demon known as Netflix………….

Over the course of the next week I will have some prognostications regarding the upcoming year. And it is my intent to more actively discipline myself to write. We'll see how well my stick to itivness is on that subject.

Nonetheless, I hope you all had a Merry Christmas, a Happy Hanukuah, and any other holiday that you are to celebrate.


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Oct 19 2013

My timing is always bad

For the record, I really hate sand traps. I hate them with a passion.

Today was a beautiful day and so the S.O. and I went to play golf. This may be the last time we get to play this year. But we picked a GREAT day to play. The sun was out, the leaves are in their full color now and it made for really nice walk through 6300 meters of pristine German golf course land.

As for my score-well the less said about that the better. Had some good shots-and some not so good shots. I was able to keep my driver under control today, thus giving me some nice starts on each hole.

Then along came those damn sand traps.

Regardless, I am not going to let it spoil my mood for the weekend. Especially when there are plenty of "life sand traps" that are waiting to suck me in.

Because right after the Shutdown vote was complete-this happened:


Wait a minute! I already went through this drama two years ago. Taking this job was supposed to be a way to ensure I did not have to go through that personal torture again.

And while two years ago it cost me my job, this time its only going to cost me my self respect.

You see, the organization I work for and with is being "merged" into another organization. The entire proposal is poorly thought out, not a good idea, in that commonest of military situations, its an idea that has been tried before. It failed miserably then-and it will fail again.

Its kind of a personal tragedy for a whole lot of people. For my co-workers all of whom I really like. For our current boss,  who is a gifted officer and an outstanding person. The kind the military produces far too infrequently .Someone we work with- not so much as for-and has been really good at shaping our little group into an effective team.

The place we are merging into? Not so much. Its run by a guy who to put it bluntly-only knows of loyalty as only a one way street. Having decided that the DOPMA imposed restrictions that forced him to retire were not for him, created his current position and then hired himself to fill it. Then as he created his organization-he adopted a deliberate hiring strategy of hiring folks with much less experience than he has, or had, so that he can be the visible face of experience to the chain of command above him. All of my co-workers are aware of this-because all of us civilians were not hired by him when the hiring was going on. We all have as much or more experience and seasoning than this guy who is going to be "our boss". He did not want to hire "old guys"-and that is pretty evident when you look at the makeup of his organization.

Then there is the idea behind the merger. It was the desire of a guy who wanted it when he was on active duty. Our current group told him to take his idea and stick it where the sun does not shine. Now,  as a well paid contractor, he returns routinely to Germany and has been conducting a whispering campaign to get it accomplished. He too, failed to realize his proper role as a retired officer. I've always hated guys who don't understand that the proper role of us retired guys is to be an adviser and keeper of a experience for the current group of military who are having their turn in the sun. I had mine, I quite fine with playing that role of adviser and coach now. As I have noted before-while I treasure my time in the Navy, that box is sealed now. And I am just fine with that.

Some guys are not. And so he got his buddy who now has his old job to ram it down all of our throats.

Whether I will be doing the same things I am doing now-that is still to be seen. I hope so, I like it and I have become good at it. It will be wretched to go from actually liking my job to going back to treating it as just something to be tolerated-in order to keep the bills paid.

So all of us have pretty much come to the same conclusion. Its time to find a new job. So I am back in full job hunting mode again. Its not something I relish, but some things are just unacceptable.

At least I have a job, for now. As the budget dramas play out we will have to see if that remains a true statement.

And that will probably drag me back to the United States, a painful prospect to be sure, but one that may be simply unavoidable. Hopefully it won't be back to Alabama-but that too remains a distinct possibility.


I am slowly coming to the realization that I probably will never get back to my beloved Asia, except for occasional "me" trips, of which I plan to avail myself of the opportunity in the coming year. But finding a full time gig there? Its a candle flame that is slowly, and painfully, dying. When I came here I had real hope that I could use my time here in Germany as a springboard to getting back to paradise. Of course, I was not counting on the government going completely and totally insane. Unfortunately it did-and the window of opportunities drastically narrowed.

Double damn.

But I am determined not to let it spoil my good mood. I have time and I have worked for psychopaths before. I can do it again, if need be, till I can hit the EJECT handle. One of my co-workers is still in the Navy reserves-he's already looking into getting called up to active duty till the dust settles. The other folks have no such luxury. We have to search for our own exit ramps.

And today was a beautiful day.

A bad day at the golf course always beats a good day at work. And the prosepct of good days at work has gotten much narrower. It is what it is. You deal with that stuff and you find a way to be happy regardless.

And so I shall.

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Jul 04 2013

Happy Independence Day

Or as the German’s refer to it-just another work day.

But for me it was good-slept for about 12 hours recharging my batteries from hard booming work in Bucharest.

Took the S.O. down to France today-and we did some French wine shopping. Came back to a dinner of Chinese food and German beer. What better way to honor America than by celebrating internationally?

I spent a lot of time today remembering one particular 4th of July, one that truly represented a declaration of Independence for me, 4 July 2000. That literally was a time of great independence for me. I had broken free from the chains of bondage to that unique specimen of womanhood, fat shrew Americanus-and while I still had a many months of legal hassles to work through, to be rid of that and be free to savor the life beyond the marital grave was indeed a wonderful thing. No 4th of July in 13 years hence has had the meaning for me that that particular 4th did.

Because it also represented the freedom from bondage from the “program” of a particular quack, who had 6 months earlier tried to use his medical license to justify his “right” to interfere in my private life. I can honestly say-he is the one person, really the one and only person-that I have hated with a passion that remains unquenchable. To this day I still despise him-and the “system” he misrepresented.  Maybe eventually my hatred for him will dissipate-in the meantime my remembrance of the words, ” a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for their future security” has special personal meaning for me. In other words, through my betrayal and misfortune at his worthless mind and hands-I learned anew for myself about my inner strength and MY RIGHT  to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” Perhaps the suffering he inflicted must needs have come-BUT WOE BE UNTO HIM BY WHICH IT CAME. A cheery” fuck you” to him-a worthless excuse for a medical professional. He had no right to interfere in my life then-and he will never have the right or the opportunity again. Neither did his employer-a point he never understood. His job was to dispense medicine-not to make value judgments.   If you want to know where my stridency on the rights of the Sailor came from, while it did not begin there-it most certainly reinforced the need to defend them. I was lucky, I had the means and seniority to break free from his chains. I shudder to think of the long train of victims he inflicted damage to-who never got the chance to break free from his malpractice.

God,  it felt good and liberating to write that-and I only hope that someday he reads it, or better yet I get the chance to deliver the sentiment to him in person. The 13 years of relative victory-with more than a couple of unplanned detours-represent my personal revolution. My independence day victory.

In the final analysis, its the chains that we let be tied around us, they are the ones that really hold us back. Be them from work, or bad personal choices, or money-or the lack thereof-or just simply allowing people to try to exercise a sway they have no right to exert.

Personal declarations of independence are tough-but once in while you can break the bonds that bind you-and find the courage to step boldly into the unknown.

I hope there is still the strength within me to find it again-and to stay on the path less traveled by-for it has made all the difference. Fuck you KMB!

And Happy 4th of July to the rest of you!


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May 29 2013

And they say it like its a bad thing………….

Duffleblog has a nice little post up on the graduation speech that the Academy graduates should have heard:

ANNAPOLIS, MD — From a podium in the United States Naval Academy’s storied Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium, President Barack Obama offered hearty congratulations and a bit of advice to an exultant field of 1047 graduates about to take their first step into lives of substance abuse, scandal, and despair.




“Today – in this single, fleeting moment – we all are just so proud you,” the president said in his commencement address. “Remember this, because it’s probably all downhill from here.”

Citing countless reports of adultery, alcoholism, rape, and dumbfounding incompetence discovered in the military’s officer corps, Obama painted a candid picture of what the nation’s best and brightest could look forward to upon entering the fleet as Navy ensigns and Marine Corps second lieutenants.

“Let’s face it,” the president told the expectant young officers. “The few of you that will be any good at your job at all will get out. The rest of you will be pushed through a broken promotion system that rewards mindless compliance with outdated standards over anything even vaguely resembling conscious human thought. As you rise through the ranks, you’ll receive awards and honors you don’t deserve and develop a wildly inflated sense of self, until finally you arrive in a position to grossly abuse the power and people in your charge. Give yourselves a round of applause.”


Just stirs your heart doesn't it?

And then came the part where SECNAV gave some practical life advice:

Oh, and to the 80 percent of you fools who will be married in the next month, a heartfelt Mazel Tov,” Mabus added. “Enjoy it while it lasts.”

“Frankly, if last year’s figures were any indication, an overwhelming number of you are headed for broken hearts and drawn-out custody battles – which makes sense when you consider the frequent deployments, dollar handjobs in Guam, and the fact that you’ve basically been prisoners on this campus for the last four years and have developed no social skills to speak of whatsoever.”

After reciting the oath of office, amid cheers from family and friends, the proud disasters-to-be filed across the stage to receive their diplomas and shake hands with their Commander-in-Chief.


But Bruce Dern already told us this 34 years ago:

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Apr 27 2013

My kind of month

Well, sorry for the lack of postings. Was in Israel all last week-and on the road again tomorrow. So for your viewing pleasure, here are a pix from Jerusalem. I was trying to shoot a picture of Jaffa Street when this girl decided to jump in front of the camera-so I took her picture instead:


Yea-her friend thought it was funny.

More Israel pictures tomorrow-it was a good trip learned a lot, and hit the long ball a few nights.


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Feb 26 2013

My hero!

No further comment needed.


Truly, a great American.

For the other 14 bad ass people you have never met-check here.

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Dec 01 2012

Wistful, on a sunny Saturday morning.

Chloe: I haven't met that many happy people in my life. How do they act?

From the movie, The Big Chill


I have been back in Shopping Mall for the these past three days-taking meetings and combining it with a surprising stroll down memory lane. As with my previous visits and returns to the land of my birth, it is kind of like putting on a threadbare set of clothing, that is no longer stylish-but remains quite comfortable and still amazingly fits you and does not fit you-all at the same time.

My previous place of employ remained much the same as it ever was-good people toiling in a huge bureaucratic maze, with lots of talent and little empowerment. It was a joy to see the leadership pictures up without the scowling grimace of one LTG Patrick O'Reilly  staring out at you. Nonetheless, in talking to people, it was readily apparent that the carnage he initiated still remains, damage whose repair will take a long time to accomplish.

The SO, through a combination of whining and cajoling and pleading-has come along on this trip. She could have gotten her way a lot easier, with the simple and more efficient tool of sexual persuasion, but she seems to have locked that highly effective tool in her locker, never to be used again. That is , in itself, a most unacceptable situation and is going to be have to confronted eventually. When, I am not exactly sure-since a little voice inside of me tells me that she is perfectly content to have "shut down" sexually. What she fails to understand at all-is that this an unacceptable situation for me and I will not abide it for long. Its either put out or get out-and she has yet to discern that. Its clearly on my mind as pass through day after sexually frustrating day. 

But its not something I can solve now-and in my current mood is more of a digression from the surprised nostalgia that has been sweeping over me. Rather its in seeing before me the past few years and recognizing I as comfortable in dealing with them-if not at all happy in them. The happiest time of life was back in Japan, pre SO, and it seems as if the hand of time is a one way vehicle-that is never going to allow me to ever go back.

So now I am sitting in a coffee shop-waiting for my turn to go to the airport. I am awaiting my departure for the second leg of this journey to a major American metropolis ( a status that  Shopping Mall does not qualify for.) Because of her late addition to the trip-long after I had made my own travel arrangements for a mid day departure; I had to put her on a plane to that metropolis earlier this morning. I went by the house and took a look at it. All appears well and the tenants appear to be taking reasonably good care of the place. My one hope is that they will renew the lease for another year and spare me the financial agony and empty house would bring.

I don't think the world is going to end in 21 days-and I feel pretty confident 2013 is going to be a watershed year for me-in many ways, but now I have not the slightest inkling of what they may be. I actually caught myself contemplating what life might be like if I returned to this Godforsaken city. I continue to shiver at the the thought. Were it not for the presence of the S.O. I would drown those contemptible thoughts in a healthy dosage of premium quality booze. Unfortunately I can't-so for now its just better to pour out my heartfelt feelings through forgettable blogger prose, finish my coffee and prepare for the drive to the airport.

Happy December!

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