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Mar 17 2014

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

And once again-I am not ending it staggering out of an Irish Pub on Nathan Road. Sigh.

But I did buy a 4 pack of Guinness on the way home today-which I am drinking now.

And thinking about Irish Women, Irish Japanese mixture to be precise:


Half-Irish , Half Japanese!

And if I had been staggering out of a pub, it might have been after hearing this:



Probably would not have heard Whiskey in the Jar done this way though:



Drink Up!

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Jan 10 2014

The 10th fleet theme song.

Published by under Fun things!

This is so funny, I laughed so hard I cried.

If you have ever had to answer a tasker with the word, "cyber" in it, you will realize why:


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Dec 26 2013

And its Boxing Day

And since the weather sucks here-I am off to Portugal for a long weekend before New Years. There to stay in a historic hotel and see historic sights. As well I should be.

Till I get back-Have a great weekend!



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Dec 25 2013

Merry Christmas!

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Frohe Weihnacthen von Deutschland!


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Dec 23 2013

Happy Festivus Day!

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The feats of strength will be undertaken this evening with my assorted collection of Pilsners.

The airing of the grievances will continue to be a year around event at this blog.

The Festivus Pole-well we need to find someone nice to dance on it.


S.O. has to work so I will enjoy the Festivus dinner by myself. WHOO-HOO!

And when she comes home I will try to demand a Festivus Miracle, in various contortionist positions. ( That indeed would be a miracle of the first order.)

And 2 days later comes Christmas!


MjAxMi0xNDViMDU5ZjZkNGVmMzg2_large (1)?


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Dec 08 2013

Geek Fest

Published by under Fun things!

I am a Star Wars fan. But not this much of one.

Idle Hands are the Devil's works shop.

And Queen fans everywhere are balling up fists of rage:


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Sep 10 2013

Where is a time machine when you need one?

Published by under Fun things!

Wanted: Delorian with working (must be accurate within 1-2 years) flux-capacitor. Must be time travel ready. Immediately. Can a brother get a ride back to the '80s???

I'ts clear to me now-, re-reading Barbarians at the Gate and watching this movie-I missed some of the best part of the 80's. Of course I spent a lot of those years at sea, and in the air-and stumbling down more than a few European (and African, Sri Lankan, and Australian) streets. But still-there is something that always stirs me when I hear this song:



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Sep 06 2013

Don’t call us-we’ll call you.

Published by under Fun things!

Another potential employer must have found his or her way over to my blog. :-(





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Jul 27 2013

Contrary to popular belief

Published by under Fun things!

This is where I spent all my time in port.  And Singapore. or Bangkok, or Manila. :-)

When I saw this I just had to get a picture of it.


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Jul 23 2013

Something everyone can agree on.

Published by under Fun things!

Namely, the underlying purpose of the internet.


I did this in an anime a few years back-but I thought this was pretty funny.

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May 21 2013

Learn something new every day.

Published by under Fun things!

Whether you want to or not.


Definitely. And if you think that's not right-whatever you do,  don't try committing Google Seppicu!

Ok-let us know. How many of you Googled "pocket bears"?


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Feb 17 2013

My world-and welcome to it.

Published by under Fun things!,The S.0.

This is the S.O. when it comes to packing a suitcase:


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Jan 18 2013

Ski season

Published by under Fun things!

Sorry for the lack of postings. Have been back and forth to Ramstein twice this week-and it snowed on Thursday.

So when I got back I just submerged in drinking beer and stumbling off to bed.

Tomorrow the S.O. and I leave for a 3 day skiiing trip. No laptops to be taken. 

Pics to follow and hopefully no broken bones-since I have not been skiing in 5 years.

In the meantime-I came across this little form one can use with your women friends:


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Dec 25 2012

Christmas 2012

Published by under Fun things!

Santa-san  came!

Well not really, Santa Claus doesn't really stop at our house anymore-and the S.O. and I could barely muster up any energy to shop for each other, either. What she wants-I cannot afford anymore. What I want-she's simply disinclined to give.

Ah symmetry!

But did you ever, in far better times,   wake up to hear little kids saying that? Sure you have. Perhaps you said it your self when you were a kid……..(Ok maybe not the -san part-but you know what I mean!) That must mean there is only one thing to say:



Merry Christmas to all! And to all a good night!

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Dec 21 2012

Talk about karma.

Published by under Fun things!

Got in the car this morning, as I do every workday morning and prepared to head out to work. The car has an I-pod jack to connect up the I-Pod. The I-Pod is set to random so it plays anything in a random order.

Guess which song it picked to play first today?

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