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Name: Skippy-san Location: Tokyo, Japan Sex: Male Profession: Aviation Professional City: Yokohama Middle of the road kind of guy. Love living in Asia and will stay here as long as I can. I've had the big house in the suburbs, the yard ,the big car, the dog, and an American wife. Ended up getting rid of them all. Now I just need a good sized apartment, a paid up subway card, and money in the bank. Always on the lookout for my next ex-wife. Interests: Travel Golf Women Nightlife Women Asia History. Movies The Alamo ( new version) The Paper The Big Chill Master and Commander Absence of Malice Music: 70's Rock and Roll Books: War and Rememberance Winds of War Any book by Herman Wouk The Five People you meet in Heaven What If? A guide to alternate history. Blogs: Blog Far East Cynic

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