Nov 11 2016

Just a few questions on the way out the door.

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Today is Veterans Day, or as I prefer to think of it now, Remembrance Day as it is referred to throughout the British Commonwealth.  I supposed to honor others for their service and I do. But I have also given some 35+ years of my life to the service of the United States. And on this Veterans Day, that falls just days after a national electoral catastrophe for my country, one must forgive me if I can't but help to think all of that service was for nothing. The people still chose to fling themselves into the Hegelian Hell that awaits them next year as the new Administration begins its drive to erase any and all progress since the year 1992.

So let's get the formalities out of the way. Thank all those how have served and are serving for their service. You may be the only constancy left in the nation, even if the world is supposed to be better than it is and less in need of your service.


So as I head out the door to face the long cold of the coming winter of economic, political and foreign policy discontent, I thought it might be useful to ask the Trumpkins a few questions about the policies their hero seems to be advocating. Maybe they can explain to me EXACTLY how the coming conservative policies are going to make my life and the lives of my children better. Can you tell me? I seen plenty of evidence that they won't. But in fairness, may you could tell me the other side of the story.

For example, can you tell me how a 10% corporate tax rate will actually do anything to make higher paying jobs available to me and my children? We have seen plenty of evidence that when companies get a windfall like that, they simply profit the difference and do nothing invest in their companies or workers. Why is this time somehow different?


Question number 2. Tell me how, when I am already saving 15% of my salary for retirement, paying for my Social Security and Medicare and paying a tax rate of 16-18% I am supposed to find solace in a Health Savings Account. Especially since my last colonoscopy in the United States cost over 10,000 dollars. How exactly does it get my son an insurance policy since he has a preexisting condition?

Along the same lines, can you somehow tell me how, repealing the ACA and replacing it with the race to the bottom known as selling across state lines will make my insurance premiums cheaper? Especially since the basic assumption of the GOP is that ACA is a complete and utter disaster from top to bottom and therefore can’t be changed, altered or reformed, so it must be completely repealed. 

And someone is really going to have to explain to me how privatizing Medicare is not going to take away the current level of coverage in the program? Health care experts have already pointed out how it transfers expenses to individuals, many of whom cannot afford it.

One important note: Despite what Ryan says, the plan doesn’t actually maintain the prohibition on denials of coverage for pre-existing conditions, which may be the single most popular element of the ACA. It does so only if you maintain continuous coverage, beginning with a special one-time open enrollment. If you don’t, you’ll find that insurers can once again deny you because of your medical history, just like in the bad old days. And his answer for people with costly medical conditions is high-risk pools, which are just about the worst way possible to provide insurance (they segregate the costliest patients together, making coverage impossibly expensive).

And that's just about healthcare. We have not even gotten to the rest of the deal.

Like this important question. How does deregulating the banks and not ensuring they maintain required capital minimums prevent a re-run of the 2008 financial crisis? Hmmm? Or eliminating the Consumer Fraud Protection Bureau stop a bank from doing what Wells Fargo did? Can you tell me?

Here is one that hits close to home. How does a federal hiring freeze actual make the government more responsive? It keeps people from coming in the door-but with out restructuring (e.g. reducing organizations) you will just have less people trying to do the same work. How do you do less with less?

A simple question. How does removing environmental restrictions eliminate or prevent this from happening. 

Finally, how does incurring a massive increase in the debt to finance tax cuts for rich people prevent problems in the bond markets?  ( Marketplace did a story on that today).

In summary, I cannot see one thing, that in his proposals that will make my life better. Not one thing. But maybe  I missed something.


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5 Responses to “Just a few questions on the way out the door.”

  1. HalfEmptyon 12 Nov 2016 at 8:31 pm

    Damn Skiippy, dont go weeping SJW on us!

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  2. Curtis Whalenon 13 Nov 2016 at 5:20 am

    I'll have a lash at it.

    I just came home from England where they all wear the poppy and think you should too. The poppies appeared for sale starting about 5 November and everybody had one….but me. The 11th is my mother's birthday and we don't pay for patriotism. We served for 30 years in the Navy.

    Now how do you spell foreign policy discontent? It is Syria, Libya, Egypt, Iraq, Iran. What part of the majesty of Kerry, addled Obama and Hillary Clinton filled you with rock hard enthusiasm for our foreign policy in the last 8 years? Do you really think Trump can do worse? How? He'd have to shoot missiles and you know what, we might benefit from some missile shooting. Srsly, color me missile happy. I'd send a hundred TLAMS after Kim. I'd blow his doors off. Just because.

    And I'd send a few hundred TLAMS into IRAN and go after the ayatollah in Qom or Tehran, because. You sneer now but consider, that fucking loser bitch you love sent missiles into Libya to kill a man with whom we had a peace, a man who literally gave us all his nuclear materials and Hillary joked to kill him. She thought she was the elite of the State Department.

    Conservative policies.

    He won't make you pay everything you have to buy health insurance you don't want. You're a clever clog democrat, explain to me how paying $500/month for health insurance makes health care affordable? I don't pay anything and when I go to the doctor, I pay him or her without the necessity of paying month after month for health care I don't need.  You know, once every couple of years, I need to see a doctor. I don't pay for it every single month in the years when I don't see a doctor.

    I'm curious, what part of Obama and democrats ruining things made you pay? Just how do you figure it will be different because theres a R after the new president's name? How exactly did you  benefit from having an ethically challenged loser democrat in office? What cost less? He forced you to pay hundreds of dollars every month for some shitbag healthcare plan and you paid and paid….Oh, no, wait, you didn't. You sponged off the state and lived in Germany all those years we were paying for your healthcare plan.

    What the fuck is it with health insurance policies. I didn't have one growing up. I didn't have one as a teen and I don't have one now. I'm not disadvantaged. Who the fuck died and made me pay for your son's health care? You're not paying for my daughters and I don't feel any need to pay for you or your son.

    I'll be honest. Best that way. My grandfather graduated from Johns Hopkins at 19 and was a physician for 60 years. My sister and I used to go with him when he made house calls in the country in Carlisle, PA. His poorer patients paid him with live chickens which he put in the trunk. We got 'free' healthcare growing up while my dad was in Vietnam.

    I don't pay corporate taxes and have no idea why you think a 10% rate is your due.

    You never wondered why insurance could not be sold across state lines. I figure the bigger the pool of payers, the lower the cost but that was from back when i lived in california.

    You know the difference between you and sane people is that we automatically assume anything done by the goverment is a boondoggle and insane. You and Obamacare which was voted into force without a single republican vote and in the dark of the night…..yeah, we got problems with it and it deserves to be repealed, expunged and shitcanned. That is not how a democracy is supposed to work. the whole fuck you and your fucking horse is anathema to real Americans and we're pretty sick and tired of you democrats shoving shit and telling us it's honey.

    The funny thing is, you missed everything. You don't live here, hate us, and decry the fact that your guy lost.

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  3. Skippy-sanon 13 Nov 2016 at 11:19 am

    America is full of selfish pigs and that is why you use SJW as a pejorative term. I'd rather be a SJW than a selfish pig.

    As for health insurance, making choices before a disaster happens, betting on the idea that it won't happen is, to me just absurd. I have had in the last 5 years things happen to me that I never thought would happen health wise. That is why one needs comprehensive health insurance and why insurance companies should not be allowed to profit on my misery.

    You get services too. The difference between me and you is that whine about paying for them, because-like most Americans-you are a selfish pig. Fuck them.

    The most amazing part of the next four years will be watching the rise in government spending and not hearing anyone complain about it. That and the ethics violations that are sure to happen in a Trump administration with his kids running his companies and Steve Bannon heir to a shitbag like Brietbart's empire in the White House.

    I live overseas because it has the things that I want and like. However I am still an American. There are a lot of people like me-more than you realize.


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  4. Skippy-sanon 13 Nov 2016 at 11:23 am

    There is a long “Constitutional” tradition, going back to Thomas Jefferson and his fellow slave-run plantation owners, aping the worst European-aristocracy men-of-property kleptocracy. Our most perilous historical era came when the propertied “flower of Southern manhood” attempted by force to ensure that their title to outsized tracts of valuable land should not be imperiled by “stealing” their right to hold other humans in slavery. It is not a coincidence that today’s American neo-Nazis still aim so much ire at rootless money-grubbing cosmopolitans — people who don’t own land, property that can be milked for resources.

    It’s unclear how much property Donald Trump actually owns, but it’s clearly important to him that his name be slapped on every physical ‘development’ for which his mortgage-holders allow him to stand as a figurehead. It’s also significant that some of his nastiest court battles have concerned his “right” to despoil such properties as he will, regardless of regulation, nuisance to his neighbors, or safety of his guests/clients. In such cases, his assertions somewhat resemble those of the Bundy clan — another bunch of dole-dependent grifters outraged at the idea that “tha gubmint” wants to prevent them from using “their” (our common) land however they will.

    slumlord like Trump’s old man, a real estate developer knocking together cheap McMansions and jerry-built office parks in hopes of a quick turnover before the basements start to subside or the parking lots to flood, is never a sympathetic figure. But a reality-tv “star” with a far-flung chain of celebrity properties — big-city skyscrapers, Palm Beach mansions, Scottish golf courses — there is a man who might gamble on becoming the closest thing America has to aristocracy. Assuming, of course, he can attract the support of the xenophobic, bigoted, socially inbred “Heartland”‘s revanchist white peasantry, living resentfully off government-paid agricultural support and federal welfare programs, and slobbering over (cosmopolitan media elite professionals’) fairy tales about the return of the Good Old Days, when only white men of property could act with impunity.


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  5. Curtison 10 Dec 2016 at 5:34 am

    My God you hate. And you're not all that educated on history. 

    Skippy-san, I have abused your courtesy for years.Thank you for all your courtesy. You share a trend I have noticed in academics, professors, educated people. You hate beyond all reason and for some reason you feel free to leave your hatred unbridled, unthrottled and antagonistic to reason. That works, I guess. I wouldn't want to go there.

    Donald Trump never did anything to you but you'd put him and those who voted for him a death camps if we let you in charge. You guys are off the scale for insane rage. Lighten up Francis.

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