Nov 09 2016

Now it’s time to make some decisions

America fucked up last night. They had a choice to make-and they chose the selfish option. Now they deserve to suffer for it. And suffer we will.

For the short term, people will rejoice, however when people experience the effects of the legislation that he will propose-and the Supreme Court nominees he will name, all of us will suffer for it.

A lot of you will deny that reality, especially this guy  But I have been around the block enough to know what will happen. Welcome to 1932. 

One of the great things about my work in Israel, is that I have come to experience the reality of why Israel came to exist. And how the founding fathers of Israel came to the realization how they had to establish a Jewish State because the rest of the world would not accomodate them. Well, I see that happening now for those of us who believe in liberal democracy. Instead they made Aliyah.

So. Now it's time to make some decisions.

Unlike many of you, I recognize Trump as the dangerous thug that he is. And now I have to deal with that reality. I had thought the American people were smarter than this. Turns out they were not. They were stupid and selfish.

In the coming weeks, I will bring this blog to a close.. It never had a large following, so it won't be missed in the grand scheme of things. Except by me where it was my venue to express my feelings about things. But in the new Trump inspired universe, there will be no place for such musings. The thought police will come for me, of that I am sure. Trumps ultimate purpose in life is to crush dissent, and like the Germans in the 30's we will all experience consequences of it. So now I have to look out for myself.

I've enjoyed my interactions with my readers and I am very much appreciative of their readership. I wish all of you well in the painful years that are now to come. You will suffer during them-as will I. As they say in Japanese, Ganbare! Do you best! The coming years will try you- because rest assured, President Trump WILL fuck you. I have the perception to see that. Many of you do not. That's my curse and perhaps your blessing.

But this blog will serve as a testament that there were once more noble ideals. Until we are liberated, from this living hell we are about to enter into, I wish you well.

Thank you for your support. Good bye and good luck in the new era about to dawn.

It will be painful and for those of you who willingly chose, I hope you suffer what you deserve.

For the rest us, I wish us safe flight into exile.

God bless you all.


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7 Responses to “Now it’s time to make some decisions”

  1. JRandomon 10 Nov 2016 at 4:07 am

    Best of luck.  I've enjoyed reading your blog on and off over the last several years.  I'm not sure Trump is competent enough to be a true authoritarian, but it would be best not to find out the hard way.

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  2. Curtison 10 Nov 2016 at 4:48 am

    I'm not surprised that you're going to run away. That's been your motif since the beginning. As you contemplate hiding away, consider, I have been following you since you followed me a long time ago. You were on the blog roll of Lex when I first espied you and you were the one and only to 'follow' me when I had that up on my blog.

    I'm 55 and almost nothing makes me gibber with rage and hatred. I'm not so sure about you. From what I remember you were not always a complete raving lunatic. You had shiny moments when you talked about girls. These days? You're a wreck.

    She left you.


    It happens.

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  3. sidon 10 Nov 2016 at 6:39 am

    Genuinely sorry to see you go. You really should reconsider an encore act when/if you get proven right. Don't think you dire predictions will come to pass, but at any rate you've provided some reasonable discourse. We need more of that; not less.

    Unlike the little snot snow flakes who were blocking my way into work tonight on LSD.

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  4. Skippy-sanon 10 Nov 2016 at 9:52 am

    Curtis, I will quote from Garrett Epps as a response. Best of luck to you in the future. I have to make the decisions that are right for me. Think of how I won't make you angry anymore.

    "The Constitution does not exist on its own, as a kind of suprahuman imperative; it was created over time, and is followed today, to “form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity.” When “we the people” use it for these goals, mistakes may do harm, but they are legitimately the people’s acts.

    The Constitution is not, however, as Justice Robert Jackson once famously wrote, “a suicide pact.” That phrase is usually used to suggest that government can legitimately overstep its bounds in times of emergency. But it also refers, I think, to moments when “we the people” pour a national libation of Kool-Aid and demand that everybody drink.

    I won’t.

    The election of Donald Trump was, in procedural terms, scrupulously fair. I hold no dark suspicions of altered vote counts or intimidation at the polls. We may wish the Voting Rights Act had not been gutted by the Court; but the election of 2016 followed the law of 2016.  Clearly a large proportion of American citizens—not as many as voted for Hillary Clinton, but still, under our strange system, enough—wanted Trump as their president and now hope that he fulfills the loud promises he repeatedly made to the country.

    But those promises are the problem. Donald Trump ran on a platform of relentless, thoroughgoing rejection of the Constitution itself, and its underlying principle of democratic self-government and individual rights. True, he never endorsed quartering of troops in private homes in time of peace, but aside from that there is hardly a provision of the Bill of Rights or later amendments he did not explicitly promise to override, from First Amendment freedom of the press and of religion to Fourth Amendment freedom from “unreasonable searches and seizures” to Sixth Amendment right to counsel to Fourteenth Amendment birthright citizenship and Equal Protection and Fifteenth Amendment voting rights.

    Like an admissions officer at Trump University, he offered Americans a bag of magic beans and asked them in exchange to hand over their rights and their form of government.

    Smiling, nearly 60 million complied.

    I deny their right to give Trump my rights or those of others who cannot defend themselves. No result is legitimate that threatens the Constitution its very promise of the “blessings of liberty.” No transient plurality, no matter how angry, has the power to strip minorities of equal status and protection; no mass of voters, no matter how frightened, has the power to vote away the democratic future of their children and their children’s children.

    American national leaders gain their legitimacy by competing in compliance with not merely the outward forms but the clear values of our Constitution—equal dignity, religious freedom and tolerance, open deliberation, and the rule of law. These values don’t bind Donald Trump; norms of decency do not apply; he shrugs off the very burden of fact itself. Like dictators of the Old World, he uses his mass media power to lie, to insult, to strip individuals of their dignity, to commit the grossest libels of religious and national groups, and to encourage persecution, torture, and public violence. He actively campaigns against any notions of racial, religious, and sexual equality. He threatens those who oppose him with the unchecked power of the state.

    He is, in other words, a figure out of authoritarian politics, not the American tradition; and a democratic constitution that empowers such a leader has misfired badly."

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  5. Curtison 10 Nov 2016 at 8:40 pm


    If you will forgive a shoe-peer of yours to make some comments about you.

    I will miss you when you're gone.

    You drank deeply of the cool-aid you fear others consumed. I don't know rage or hate and I don't have those feelings ever. I didn't like Hillary because she really does belong in jail for compromising national security like nobody since FBI's Hanssen and CIA's Ames. She really is worse than Manning or Snowden. They acted out of principle and I would kill both of them in a heart beat.

    It was not hard to follow you. You veered hard left and stayed there and your sources became the hysterical left to the exclusion of all reason. I really don't know why you went there but you did and you stayed over there becoming more and more bitter by the day.

    You lost all joy in life. I know what it's like.

    You completely lost it. You hate. You hate every single thing you disagree with. You don't find charity or ignorance except that you hate those that disagree with you, your politics, your religion.

    I don't suggest therapy. I will cheerfully kill anybody that suggests therapy. I will give you some unsolicited advice.

    Lighten up Francis.

    Stop reading all the web sites you must read. Find others. My blog roll is a nice friendly lot and you might find it of interest. There's only 10 or so and they go by pretty fast. Not one of them is hateful.

    So long, thanks for all the fish.

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  6. Skippy-sanon 11 Nov 2016 at 7:59 am

    Curtis, I can't live your way, and to "lighten up" means to abandon my ideals and the things I believe in. To abandon my passion for the life I want to lead-just live an imitation of someone else's. I already tried that once. It sucked.

    You misuse the word hate-because its not hatred to point out, quite correctly, the sheer absurdity that is now modern conservatism. You call that going hard left, I still consider myself a middle of the road guy. If you want to know why I went "there" it is because the conservatism you so ardently believed in failed so miserably and hurt me and a lot of other people. I was tired of it then and I am tired of it now. I can't abide you vision, it is foreign to me. I Still Love America. But, After Trump's Victory, I Don’t Trust It
    read more:


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  7. Curtison 12 Nov 2016 at 4:38 pm

    no skippy,

    you pretend you're still of the right. We know that secretly you go down and lick the courtyard of WETA.

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