Nov 02 2016

Why the choice is not a choice……..

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Which could also be why I kind of wish it was Bernie in the ring taking the fight to the orange headed dictator wanna be.

But before I point out, that we don't always get what we want-and with the barbarians at the gates we have to do things we don't necessarily like, I'd like to remind the Trumpkins of what you could have had if you were not selfish and vengeance minded.


But no-you chose to go with the the ghost of Andrew Breitbart ( who is still dead). And here we are. Fortunately for the country there are still sane minded people who recognize the orange demon as the truly dangerous threat to the Republic he is.


This, BTW sums up my feelings on why I will never support Trump.


Trump is dangerous and if you cannot see that, then you too are part of the problem with the US.


Tom Nichols is right.

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