Feb 08 2013

Doing the DC Shuffle…

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Dad was released last night from the hospital. He was more than a little happy to be back at his own house again. So this today, I left him to the care of my sister the nurse-and boarded the plane to go to DC FFT Frankfurt and the train ride home. Sipping a beer in the lounge now-and preparing to head to the gate in a short bit.

In rebooking my flights, I had to eat a fairly long layover due to the availability of seats ( especially for the long haul) and the fact that I was changing  the one leg that was a personally procured ticket. ( e.g. a cheap one). So I had some time to kill-and took a taxi over to the Air and Space Museum at Dulles. Its nice-but now that I have been through it a second time, I am kind of underwhelmed. It has a lot of airplanes to be sure-but you can't crawl through any. And I really don't understand the layout. It seems to me they sandwiched  the aircraft in wherever they could fit it.

Back to the airport, had a quick lunch and now it is time to make the leap across the Altantic. Looking at the Concorde in the museum-I sure wish I could have saved up the scratch and flown on it, even if it was just once. I saw a documentary once on the Concorde Experience and it certainly looked a better way to travel than 8 hours in the cattle car.

More politics when I am back in frosty Germany. And in the not so welcoming arms of a cranky S.O. who has been sick herself.

Maybe I should stay here in DC and go booming.


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