Oct 10 2012

Mired in the swamp of unimportant things-forgetting the major turnoff we took to get here.

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I've not felt much like posting these last few days-and tonight an incident occurred that crystallized for me why. I won't go into the details-except it brought home to me how truly polarized our populace is-and how ignorant as a whole it has become.

It started with a post from someone who took a member of the Liars Club at face value. As is typical when one deals with avid fans of the Liars Club-responding in any opinion but agreement brings forth a swarm of angry folks, because they don't like to have their cherished ideas dissented with. The subject in the long run is not worth discussing-its just one of many examples of the absurdity that seems to run rampant nowadays. It is depressing to see really-because it is a symptom of a bigger problem.

People forget what a major detour the United States took in 2003-when it invaded a country that it had no business invading, under false premise, and then once begun in haste took years to finish. And even when it was finished, it occurred not because of any action that we had undertaken, but one that our sometimes "allies" forced us into, by actually asking that we honor a commitment that we had made three years previously. 

People also seem to have conveniently forgotten-that it was some pretty misguided economic decisions that were made in the 1980's that put us in the mess we are in today. And it is beginning to appear that, rather than acknowledge that fact that the country needs a new course. And perhaps that course is not Barack Obama-but I can guarantee you, it is not with Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan or any of the other current crop of people who have driven all the reasonable people into hiding.

And it depresses me to no end.  It depresses me to see smart people-people who should know better-get wrapped around the axle about minor stuff, when in fact they should be mad as hell at the events that put us here.

The world is changing. No one, least of all me, can stop that. I know that-as much as it pains me.

But I have a right to stick up for my view point. Just as much as anyone else does. And I will not be cowered by people's lunacy.

That is all.

Now if you will excuse me-I have a bottle of Scotch to finish and let it swirl me down the road to oblivion. I deserve it tonight……..I AM THAT PISSED OFF.

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