Sep 28 2012

But can she cook?

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For 40 million British pounds-who cares?

It would seem there could be a wealthy future out there for me……if I could just make the short list.

Gigi Chao, daughter of property tycoon Cecil Chao, entered a civil partnership with her girlfriend of seven years in a ceremony in Paris five months ago.

But Mr Chao, 76, has told the South China Morning Post that reports of his daughter's civil ceremony were "false". He announced the HK$500 million dowry earlier this week.

It has sparked a deluge of offers. Speaking on Thursday Ms Chao, 33, said she had received about 200 proposals and that the number of people following her on Twitter, YouTube and Facebook had jumped by 1,500 since her father's announcement.

"People are contacting me on Facebook, by email, on Twitter. It's ridiculous. I can't sort out the serious proposals from the half-hearted ones. I can't make head or tail of it," she told The Daily Telegraph.

Ms Chao, an executive director of her father's company, Cheuk Nang, said that in addition to receiving enquiries from gentlemen who say they are looking for love and ask her out on a date, she has received some introductions that are less conventional.

I'll bet they were. So now the problem would appear to be, "how to get noticed in the noise". Of course, marriage never seemed to be a prerequisite for her father, who by all accounts: "has never married and once claimed to have had "intimate relations" with about 10,000 women."

Now that's a record to aspire to!

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  1. Thoron 28 Sep 2012 at 6:12 pm

    What could be more perfect than coming home after a night of carousing, to two naked asian women in your bed, who like each other.

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  2. Skippy-sanon 29 Sep 2012 at 3:09 am

    In some places you have to pay money to see that! 🙂

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