Apr 29 2012

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It is so nice to live in a country where there is decent train service again. Thus I was spared spending 4 hours on the Autobahn driving over to Bayreuth today. Instead I could take a train-sleep and read, and then pick up a car for a 30 minute drive to the place I am now-an out post in the middle of nowhere. Grafenwohr is a big post-in a small town. Work is work though-and so its time to go  bed to get ready for tomorrow.

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  1. Buck Buchananon 30 Apr 2012 at 8:17 am

    Ah, beautiful Graf!
    Spent many a summer and winter day there, sometimes on the same day!
    Usually I was there as part of a unit gunnery rotation.  I always remember the restrictive range regulations and what a pain in the ass Range Control was…but then it needed to be to control that mayhem. 
    In summer the trees lining the tank trails looked like they were covered in snow; its was the dust kicked up by hundreds of tracked vehicles.  In winter they were coated in grey mud….the same dust now converted to mud the consistency of baby shit.
    I later spent some exercises supporting V Corps (proabably similiar to you).  It was a lot nicer staying in Neustadt and eating at a gasthaus every night than barracks and a mess hall in Camp Algiers, Aachen, Cheb or Normandy!
    Enjoy the helles!

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