Mar 01 2012

Odds and ends….

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Andrew Breitbart is dead. I really have nothing to say-save for the fact that no one should have to die-at 43, 63 or 83. Condolences should go out to his family-which if one will notice,  a lot of his most ardent opponents are extending.  Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs probably summed things up best: 

We were friends once; that ended when I could no longer stomach the right wing extremism that Andrew chose instead to embrace. But I’m a bit sad that he won’t be ranting any more on Twitter about my “magic ponytail.” (Some of his other, more venomous insults I must confess I won’t miss at all.)

From all accounts, Andrew was a good family man who loved his wife and children, and I want to extend my sincere condolences for their loss.


While I have nothing to say-David Frum has a must read post up.


I was up in Ramstein for most of this week-came back by train last night. It was, believe it or not the first time I had ever been to Ramstein. In my younger years-Rhein Main was the main entry and exit point to Europe. I have to say, the facilities at Ramstein are quite nice. They confirm every stereotype about the Air Force I ever had. The exchange and new BOQ are positively obsecene in how nice they are. Kind of sums up for me everything that has gone wrong with the American approach to overseas basing-just like Kadena and Yokota, the amount of real estate they have is really too much, and the creation of an isolated "American" community there is in many ways a bad thing. I'm glad I am down here in Stuttgart-and more embedded in the German community. That said-it is interesting the USAF can charge 1/3 as much as the Army-for much nicer lodging. What's up with that?


The weather is getting warmer. That's good-I am ready for spring-however my inner feeling tells me there is one more major winter storm left here in Europe somewhere. Hope it doesn't happen too soon-or at least until I get a new car. That's right-Das Auto is tot! Or dying quickly….. In getting the science project ready for inspection-I came upon some discoveries that made me just close up the incision-there was a lot of suspension damage, which I had never suspected. The car was driving just fine. But it will not pass a German inspection-not without major work. Its cheaper just to sell it for what I can and get a new car. I can pay off my other car for less than this will cost to repair. So should I take the plunge and buy new BMW? I'm thinking not-the Mercedes A series we are renting right now ( the other car was getting its body work done finally) appears to fit our needs just fine. I can't understand why they don't sell this car in the states. Its small-but still has plenty of room. Gets good gas mileage and is a breeze to get in and out of tight German parking garages. I'm tempted to get one-but if I have to get dragged back to the US again-I am not sure I could bring it back with me. Sigh.


Its been a busy week-and an up and down one. Got some bad news about a contemporary of mine, who passed away too young. I'll be writing on that when I can collect some thoughts. Cars are on my mind of course, and I've got 18 days to get some things done before I begin a long road trip. A least the days are getting longer.



An era can be said to end when its basic illusions are exhausted.— Arthur Miller

Lot of truth to that I think-and sums up why the era of the 2000's will go on record as a lost decade. All of our illusions have become exhausted. Especially about the economy and the "Advantages" of being at war for the whole decade. More on that later.

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