Apr 23 2014

More than little familiar………

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Scott Adams has to be spending his days at our office:


There is a serious point here. Travel always is the first thing that gets cut-even when its not the root cause of the financial problem. Our new, erstwhile,  masters don't see that problem as well as they should-even while they spend travel money for the preferred customers, while lecturing the herd on how we need to save money. In reality-you can save money and still travel.The devil is the details-and stop being penny wise and pound foolish when it comes to travel. Trust me, I ran travel budgets for over 15 years.

But now that's a big part of my ongoing frustration. Knowing-and I do mean knowing-I am right, and not having my concerns listened to. They may choose not to listen. 

But it does not mean I am wrong.

And besides-those frequent flyer miles are not going to earn themselves.


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Apr 20 2014

Advancment by IG complaint.

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In Star Trek's alternate universe, people moved up in the Terran Empire by assassination. Over here in this universe, it appears to be happening via the vehicle of the IG complaint:

News about the Navy’s investigation of former Blue Angels lead pilot Capt. Greg McWherter over alleged misconduct when he commanded the flight demonstration team sparked shock among some who know him and expressions of hope for his exoneration on Friday.

The decision was based on initial findings of an ongoing investigation into recent allegations of misconduct and an inappropriate command climate at the U.S. Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron (Blue Angels) based at Naval Air Station Pensacola, Fla,” according to a Navy press release. Vice Adm. William French, commander of Navy Installations Command, made the decision, the Navy said. Thus McWherter has come full circle since a panel of admirals and former Blue Angels officers selected him as they do all aviators named to lead the Blues.


If you don't think this whole thing seems more than a little bit fishy, you have not seen the ball since kick-off. McWherter was twice tapped to lead the Blue Angels. And now 18 months later. they firing him? For what exactly? And when did the Navy abandon other less arbitrary means of getting its points across?

This smells oddly like the O.P. Honors case-where,by the way, no one found any real evidence of him doing anything that was really wrong. 

A disgruntled Sailor perhaps? Or someone tied to a certain group that wields disproportional influence in the Navy of today. ( Let the reader form his own conclusions what that means).

Either way-something is not right here.

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Apr 18 2014

Another domino falls……..

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They seem to be going after every one. Officers, civilians, CPO's and now Petty Officers:   

SAN DIEGO — A fourth member of the Navy has been charged with conspiracy to commit bribery in a multimillion-dollar scheme involving a Singapore-based defense contractor accused of providing cash, vacations, electronics and prostitutes in exchange for classified information.

“The camera is awesome bro!” Japan-based Petty Officer Dan Layug wrote in an email to the vice president of a military contractor that is included in a complaint unsealed Thursday. “Thanks a lot! Been a while since I had a new gadget!”

In another email, Layug asks, “What are the chances of getting the new iPad 3?” according to the complaint. Layug made his initial court appearance Thursday, a day after he was arrested in San Diego. A judge set bail at $100,000 and ordered GPS monitoring if Layug is released, according to a U.S. attorney’s statement. He hasn’t entered a plea, and messages seeking comment from his attorney were not immediately returned.  

"And every time you send me my shipment its just a few cases short!"

"Carrying charges, my boy, carrying charges."


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Apr 15 2014

The impeachment of Barak Obama

It’s a double whammy of depression, of late. On a personal note-the ongoing churn at my place of employ is making the ability to enjoy the choice location more than a little problematic sometimes. As the S.O. and I settle into the new house , the more we like many of its features. The one obvious down side has been the lack of internet connection-but the porch and view from said porch offsets it to a great degree. And after days like this one:



I need the peace and solitude it brings.

So I have that bit of downward pressure on my life-offset in great deal by location, but it’s not enough to overcome the frustration of knowing I am right, being right, and being unable to make the types of meaningful changes that need to be made.

Adding to the downward pressure on my spirit is the realization that I will be returning to the US of A-not by choice as much as lack of one. And that when I get there-the downward spiral of US politics will have continued its decline into abject stupidity.

Especially since as many pundits predict-the GOP may take the Senate as well as keep the House. Once that is accomplished, I fully expect the Congress of the United States to do nothing (something they are already doing), but  they will begin a full throated effort to impeach Barak Obama.

It’s coming-you can rest assured of that. And since it takes 67 Senators to convict, and the odds of the GOP winning that many seats are virtually nonexistent, it will be another typically pointless gesture undertaken by the teabagger crazed loons who run and who support the current twisted political vision known as the Republican party.

The bulk of 2015 will be spent talking about it and the Fox Noise machine will kick into overdrive trying to convict the president in absentia, since they will be unable to achieve their real dream of ending his political career. (Remember these were the same people who were telling you that Romney was going to win big).

Rep. Blake Farenthold (R-Tex.), who has said there are enough votes in the House to impeach Obama, added: “We’ve also talked about the I-word, impeachment, which I don’t think would get past the Senate in the current climate. . . . Is there anything else we can do?”

Why, yes, there is, congressman: You can hold hearings that accomplish nothing but allow you to sound fierce for your most rabid constituents.

The Republicans in the House know there is no chance of throwing this president from office. Yet at least 13 of the 22 Republicans on the panel have threatened or hinted at impeachment of Obama, his appointees or his allies in Congress. They’ve proposed this as the remedy to just about every dispute or political disagreement, from Syria to Obamacare.


This kind of political fight is exactly the last thing the country needs right now-but when did the GOP ever make doing the right thing a priority? Certainly not since the middle of the 20th century.

So how will it happen? I predict they will use the “slow burn” technique. They will pass their 65th or so vote to repeal the ACA.  When that  gets vetoed as it surely must,  it will set forth the following scenario:  there will begin a series of hearings trying to establish that the President exceeded his executive authority by making decisions on extending deadlines and such.  Using those as the pretext they will turn over to the House committee that does such things a resolution demanding the impeachment of Obama for exceeding his legal authority as President. ( When he in reality he has not even used his authority near enough). The old canards will be dragged out: Bengahzi, IRS, and all the rest of the nonsense that has been long been put to bed.)  Fox will have hour after hour of commentary for its brain dead audience-hyping the idea of impeaching the President. Comparisons to Clinton's blowjobs will resound. This will all occur in May or June of 2015 with the actual trial set to occur in September of 2015 after the summer recess. ( allowing the illusion of justice and due diligence by allowing both sides time to prepare-it will also try to be timed so as to make Biden a real lame duck if they should get lucky and win).

Nothing of substance will be accomplished by the Congress in 2015. They will stall on the budget-and perhaps force another debt ceiling fight, hoping to use that to pile on in the process, leaving the country to tear itself apart politically. And in the end-the President will be acquitted, but there will be loads of sound bites that ultra conservative Presidential candidates can use repeatedly showing how the Kenyan usurper was never supposed to be in the job anyway. ( Popular vote or Electoral college results not with standing).

And Nate Silver will be pilloried again-for denying the Romney monster the victory they feel was rightfully his in 2012.

And in the meantime what happens to the country?  Wages will continue to stagnate and more and more wealth will continue to move upward-aggravating the tepid economic recovery by seeing more and more Americans slide downwards in terms of purchasing power. In fact, the country could slip back into recession because of the turmoil the impeachment crisis will create in world markets. Holders of 401K's-like me-will see themselves condemned to working for the rest of our lives at unsatisfying jobs ( as the comic mentions above) because the value of our accumulated savings will tank.

And that will be all occurring before we get to 2016. 

Now ideally, an impeachment drama would produce the kind of universal public outrage that will backfire on the GOP and make it a pariah in the elections of 2016. It can and should lead to a recognition of the flawed and selfish viewpoint of American Politics and economics that was legitimized by Mitt Romney in 2012 ( with his disgusting codification of the rhetoric that 47% of the American population are nothing but "moochers")-and seized upon by soulless men such as the Zombie Eyed Granny Starver , Paul Ryan.

But it won't. Primarily because that kind of outrage will come from an informed electorate-something the United States has not had for a long time. Only about 20% of us actually understand the issues in the proper context, and draw the correct conclusions from it. Another 30% subscribe to the "I got mine, so fuck you!" philosophy of the current teabagger controlled GOP-and the remaining 50% just can't be bothered to get up from the TV to learn anything. Or vote.

If that does not give you good reason to be depressed about the future of the land of my birth-you are not grasping the problem.

Its a bad news story, that could be easily fixed and could have been as long ago as 2009.

But it won't.

Welcome to the new dark ages.


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Apr 10 2014

Erik Erikson is just effing stupid!

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Getting the daily cappucino-before I go to have my what has become an almost weekly fight with Deutshce Telkom. I surfed over to John Cole's place to see them , quiet properly, mocking the latest bit of buffoonery out of Red State:

The RedState brain trust has come up with some stunningly dumb ideas for activism over the years, including the brilliant notion tosend bags of salt to Republican Senator Olympia Snowe of Maine (during winter! thanks, dudes!) to protest something or other. Then there was that time they proposed “Operation Leper” to punish any conservative who dared call stupid Sarah Palin “stupid.” But the tidal wave of stupid soon stranded RedStaters on their own virtual Molokai.

Today in own-goals, they’ve attempted to “parody” OkCupid’s protest of the Brendan Eich appointment as Mozilla CEO, but whoops! — they’ve stepped on their own dicks again! Here’s the OkCupid splash screen that greeted Firefox users for Eich’s days-long tenure:


And here’s RedState’s:


Cole points out Firefox should sue Erikson-just for the pleasure of making him mount a defense.

Erik Erikson is a brain dead slug.

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Apr 08 2014

Catching up

What with the move and all there has been a lot going on. The travails of getting ready for the move kept me from commenting on some of the really stupid things that have happened in the last month. So this will be a post aimed at catching up-if only just for a bit.


Starting with the most recent abomination is the US Supreme Court’s hideous ruling the case of McCutcheon vs FEC.  Not content to f*ck up American politics by allowing Citizens United, Justice Roberts decides to compound the damage. James Fallows had a couple of pretty good articles pointing out just how cynical Roberts’ position is:

Humility. Modesty. Restraint. Deference to precedent. "We're just calling balls and strikes."

That guy sounded so great. Really, watch this minute-long video and think what it would be like to have a person like that on the bench.

Instead we have a chief justice who:

?In the "Obamacare" ruling two years ago, apparently decided that the institutional risk to the Court of blatantly coming across as just another branch of party politics outweighed the objections implicit in his prior rulings to the healthcare plan. So he found a way not to overturn the main legislative accomplishment of a president's first term, with all the hubbub that would ensue. As it happens, I was glad that the politics added up that way for him. But …

?In this week's McCutcheon ruling, following Citizens United, he made up out of nowhere his own interpretation of how electoral politics and favor-trading works—trumping that of Congress, composed 100 percent of elected members. Plus he invented his own post-Founders, no-input-from-Congress, precedent-be-damned theory of what "corruption" means. As it happens, I disagree with the results of this one. But the main point is that in their activist political sensibility neither this judgment nor the Obamacare one had the slightest connection to the person who so self-effacingly presented himself for confirmation nine years ago.

Fallows correctly points out that Roberts is dangerous for two reasons, 1) he is overtly partisan and has infected his judicial understanding with that partisanship and 2) he will be on the Court for a long time to come. “The man who, at age 50, presented himself for lifetime tenure as chief justice said that he conceived of his role as a minimalist "balls and strikes" umpire. No one who has observed him in office could plausibly describe him that way. He has been as precedent-disregarding as they come. So was he naive in saying what he did nine years ago? Or was he cynical? To me those seem to be the options.”

So. To review-money is not speech, corporations are not people,  my friend.


About the MH370 situation I have nothing of substance to add. Clearly an enormous tragedy has occurred-and it was compounded by the incompetence of the Malaysian government.  It will be interesting to see if they actually find anything like the “black box”.


And finally I am astounded the by the hi tech lynching of Brendan Eich. Who was CEO of Mozilla which creates the Firefox browser. The reason he was forced out? Because he gave money back in 2008 to support proposition 8 in California.

As I have noted before-this business of firing people for Facebook and Twitter postings is getting out of hand. It is ludicrous to suggest that Eich should have been fired over this-and all of the lame justifications that as CEO he should be held to a “higher standard” get no sympathy from me. He is not just a CEO he is also a private citizen. And he has a right to donate to whatever causes he wants.

Eich's abrupt departure has stirred the debate over the fairness of forcing out a highly qualified technology executive over his personal views and a single campaign contribution six years ago. And it raises questions about how far corporate leaders are allowed to go in expressing their political views.

Some are also questioning whether the episode undercuts the well-groomed image of Silicon Valley as a marketplace of ideas and diversity of thought, and whether, in this case, the tech world surrendered to political correctness enforced through a public shaming on social media.

OkCupid never demanded Eich resign, and after discussing the issue with Mozilla, Yagun ended the call for a Firefox boycott Wednesday afternoon.

In retrospect, however, Yagun said he wished he had framed the Firefox boycott in a slightly different light.

"I would have loved to have engaged in a debate over what happens when freedoms collide," Yagun said. "We have freedom of speech, which I would defend to the end. And we have what I believe is a fundamental liberty of people to marry and love whoever they want. We took a stand that matters to us personally and as a business — and I think the world will be a better place because of it."

Eich's departure didn't end the controversy, it just changed it.

 This is a bad thing for a whole lot of reasons and it will come back to bite those who organized this excursion into political correctness in the ass. Andrew Sullivan, who I tend to disagree with most of the time is on the right side here when he warns that this will have unintended consequences:

"You want to squander the real gains we have made by argument and engagement by becoming just as intolerant of others' views as the Christians?," he asked. "You've just found a great way to do this. It's a bad, self-inflicted blow. And all of us will come to regret it."


Furthermore, it creates a double standard. Brendan Eich was regarded as someone whose political beliefs and activities rendered him unsuitable for his job. In California, if an employer had fired an employee for these reasons, he would be breaking the law. Now some folks try to hold up that this is a market based decision. If that’s the case, then market is way too sensitive.

Mozilla could have let this pass-and it probably would have passed by in a few days. But now its actually going to hurt Firefox I think in the long run.  The market is much more elastic than that.

And before the inevitable Chick-Fil –A reference is made. Remember, there are some really big differences, not the least of which is that Chick-Fil-A was talking about actually not hiring people who are gay.

Eich begged for mercy; he asked to be given a fair shot to prove he wasn’t David Duke; he directly interacted with those he had hurt. He expressed sorrow. He had not the slightest blemish in his professional record. He had invented JavaScript. He was a hero. He pledged to do all he could to make amends. But none of this is ever enough for Inquisitions – and it wasn’t enough in this case. His mind and conscience were the problem. He had to change them or leave.

A civil rights movement without toleration is not a civil rights movement; it is a cultural campaign to expunge and destroy its opponents. A moral movement without mercy is not moral; it is, when push comes to shove, cruel.


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Apr 06 2014

Mission accomplished?

I wish more bars had WI-fi here, this  growing need to decamp to Starbucks to get any internet stuff done is killing me.

The S.O. and I are in the new house. We were able to get the satellite in and working fairly easily with about 45 minutes effort. ( I did pay for some help-which was worth it). Internet however is another story. After saying that Internet by DSL would be available to the new house, Telkom abruptly changed its mind and said no-you must use LTE. "We will send you a LTE router and you will be set to 20GB usage a month". WTF? I can go through that much data in two weeks! Two days later above said router shows up, with no SIM card. I call Telkom to find out when I will receive the SIM card and when my service will start only to be informed by a lady in German, in a rather huffy manner, that my Auftrag ( order) ist "storniert". ( canceled) They claim it has to do with a lack of ports available in the village to provide internet to the house. And even if they could provide DSL it would only be at 2MBps. "WTF" moment number 2. Vodaphone has initially indicated they can provide DSL at 2MBps, but since Telkom owns all the lines, I am not optimistic. It does not explain the inability to do LTE whatsoever.

So for now the S.O. and I are doing home internet through a succession of visits to Starbucks and libraries, tethering our cell phones to the computer and I also purchased a data plan for my I-pad with a 5GB data plan. It's a better situation than when we first moved to Germany-but for the long haul its going to suck. For now I am drinking way more cappuccino than I should and subsisting on old movies and files on my external hard drive. I have a list of I-Tunes downloads that is just waiting in vain.

It is an interesting side note on the state of the German telecommunications industry. During one of my Starbucks trips I was able to Google the town hall notes from our village where people in our village had complained about the lack of high speed internet. Seems Telkom has an interesting metric of not being able to build in a village until they are sure they will get 90% usage. Even more amazing with this particular village is the speed of your internet ( assuming you can get it) is based on where you are in the village. We are in a new section-so we get slower internet-and no cable is available. Figure that one out if you can. They claim they will bring Very fast DSL to our village and the next one over by 2015. I'm not holding my breath. The city that owns all three villages ( one has VDSL already-just not ours) is complaining to Telkom near as I could figure out by reading the German notes.

Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, we are enjoying the new house. It has wonderful covered back patio and porch where one can sit out in relative comfort and drink beer and eat outside when the temps get warmer. I several ways its better than our other house. However, since the work situation still sucks due to the poorly thought out and executed merger by the latest iteration of the pointy haired boss-how long we get to live here is speculative. Maybe I should have  packed the S.O. back to Alabama and our Hi-speed cable line we had there. C'est le Guerre.

So blogging will happen when blogging can happen. Till then, I unpack, drink, enjoy my new house and hate my my merged workplace. 

Situation normal again.


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Mar 30 2014


The S.O. and I are in the middle of moving to a new house. Sadly, its not the move I wish was I making of some 5000+ miles back to the promise land of Asia-but less than .1KM down the street. As a result I will be without Internet until the monster that is Deutsche Telekom makes my new connection.

We both had known this day was coming-but I had seriously hoped to be back in Asia before this. Certainly that is not happening any time soon-especially as I live through the current hell of a merger gone totally astray. When I can get to a hot spot I will right about it. Till then, you should note two things: 1) this is the first year I have not written a post about Women's history month. ( go to the comments to read some interesting thoughts on that) and 2) I did not write about my blog birthday. Lots of reasons for that-not many of them good, but I am resolved to get back to political postings just as soon as the connections are restored.

Till then:


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Mar 25 2014

I got nothing.

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There is lots going on right now-not so much of it good. I have what could be termed a pretty solid case of writers block coupled with what could only be described as "the blues", being depressed and not seeing a good way forward.

When I get in a better frame of mind, I will start writing again-till then, I just have to cry myself to sleep at night.

There are people doing some quality writing however. If you care about the Navy and the direction it is taking, then you owe it to yourself to go and read this long, but well written piece over at the USNI blog.

Then come back here and comment. I for one am not sure bonuses are at the heart of the retention problem. Lack of ability to travel and have fun is.

Your thoughts?

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Mar 20 2014

You try to be a good soldier….

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And what does it get you?

Kicked in the teeth that is what. Our completely dysfunctional workplace has struck again. A project I had devoted some 7 months of effort to-has been done away with. The details are dreary and not befitting anything but swear words. Nonetheless it caps off the end to a fucked up week. All of us from the "old" organization recognize it as the injustice it is. The new breed? Well they are so wrapped up in their own details they have stopped caring about anyone else-and the worst part is, no one cares about what anyone else wants. Which is what the author of this whole abomination wants.

GRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!! I am so mad I cannot see straight.



Now if you will excuse me-there is a fifth of Scotch to finish.



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Mar 17 2014

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

And once again-I am not ending it staggering out of an Irish Pub on Nathan Road. Sigh.

But I did buy a 4 pack of Guinness on the way home today-which I am drinking now.

And thinking about Irish Women, Irish Japanese mixture to be precise:


Half-Irish , Half Japanese!

And if I had been staggering out of a pub, it might have been after hearing this:



Probably would not have heard Whiskey in the Jar done this way though:



Drink Up!

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Mar 15 2014

Rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated.

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Greetings from the lounge in Chicago. Sitting here waiting for the jump back across the Atlantic.

Should have posted more-but just didn't feel like it. This week was my birthday-so it put in kind of a funk. I still am in a funk-or at the least a bit depressed. This week had me doing a lot of thinking, and being at my old digs in Shopping Mall gave me an acute sense of the one way flow of time. And wondering about decisions made a decisions yet to make.

I hated Shopping Mall-but I did like my house. I liked being able to drive to work with little difficulty. And I liked being paid and valued for my work. Being back was like slipping on comfortable clothes again. Even though I did not do much at night-except watch TV-and maybe shoot out of a beer or two.

I did a lot of thinking-with no conclusions arrived at.

More to follow in the week to come.

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Mar 08 2014

Sometimes they actually get it right.

On the road again-its been a month since I traveled and those frequent flyer miles are not going to earn themselves you know. Nice train ride up to Frankfurt this morning on a beautiful day.

And I was more than a little pleased to see this:

The Senate on Thursday rejected a proposal to move sexual assault cases outside the military chain of command, instead backing simpler reforms to the military justice system.

Victim advocates lamented the vote, which fell five senators short of advancing past a procedural hurdle, as a lost opportunity and a potentially discouraging message to female service members who face harassment and intimidation.

But opponents of the proposal — among them, Pentagon leaders — called it a well-intentioned overreach that would handicap military efforts to crack down on sexual assaults.

Contrary to what LTC Bateman has to say, there is no "epidemic" of sexual assault in the military. There is a "buyer's remorse" problem and a false accusations problem-as well as problems of "overhead" that are the result of short sighted implementation decisions in bringing on the brave new world every one said they wanted. But as ROK Drop as pointed out, and I have quoted on these pages, the "problem" is way overhyped by those who have a much more sinister agenda in mind.

So its refreshing to see, a majority of our Senators actually recognize, that, if you want to hold commanders accountable-you have to give them ALL the tools to do their job.

Time to head to the gate.

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Mar 05 2014

News you can use

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Sorry for the lack of postings of late. I am going through a triple whammy of trying to get ready for a trip, dealing with the day to day fun at work, and also starting an online class, which is going to cut into my time even more.

However it is this last item I thought I would pass on. If you are a post 9-11 Veteran, the Syracuse University is running a program paid for by JP Morgan Chase that allows one to get certifications and training-WITHOUT having to use your GI Bill. It is called the Syracuse Veterans Career Transition Program. And what it offers is:

The Veterans Career Transition Program, operated by the Institute for Veterans and Military Families at Syracuse University, is delivered at no cost to post-9/11 veterans, their spouses, and spouses of active duty military. Paid for in entirety by a grant from JPMorgan Chase & Co, VCTP offers solutions to the above challenges, as well as connections to specific education and training programs, business/industry coalitions focused on veteran employment and information about national and state-level opportunities and benefits for veterans and their families. The Professional Skills Track and the Tech Track are offered through an advisor-led group admitted quarterly, and the Independent Study Track is available for start at any time. Each track is described below.

Through online courses—accessible from any location, at any time–participants have the opportunity to gain an understanding and insight into the corporate culture of civilian business/industry, government and other civilian sector employment opportunities.

Read more at http://vets.syr.edu/education/employment-programs/#k5l82GR6LSBCm13y.99

The program has three tracks. A professional skills track, a tech track and an independent study track. The Professional skills track helps you burnish your resume, the Tech track offers IT certifications and the independent study track offers  veterans and spouses who are currently employed and need to achieve industry certifications in order to advance or maintain their current employment. That is the one I am pursuing-in the hopes of getting a PMP certification.

So it may bring a hiatus to my blogging-although I hope not-but it will hopefully give me some way to overcome the deficit of attract ability to new employers.

Check out the details here: http://vets.syr.edu/education/employment-programs/


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Feb 27 2014

Dresden ( and a bit of Poland).

Published by under Uncategorized

A couple of weekends ago we went to Dresden. I found the trip remarkable for a couple of reasons. 1) I never imagined in my youth, that I would ever be in what was once "East" Germany, and 2) I was surprised at how charming and well developed the city was. They put a lot of thought into rebuilding the center of the city.

Considering, after all, we bombed the living s**t out of it.

And an simple examination of the history shows that Communists did not do very much to fix it up after the war. But man o man-look at the place now:


This is the Frauekirche- which was utterly destroyed during the bombing. The Russians left it in ruins as a way to rub the German's noses in the fact that they lost the war. After reunification, plans were made to rebuild it. It opened again in 2005. If you look to the left you can still see some of the bricks that were "smoke checked".

There is a lot of beauty in the city however:


This the Semperoper,  the Dresden state opera house.  It was destroyed during the bombing, and was rebuilt in 1985. It opened exactly 40 years after the bombing on 13 February with the same opera that was last performed before its destruction.

We spent the first day just exploring the city. Once you get out of the center of the town-it becomes like many former Soviet territories, row upon row of blocks of apartments. But the river Elbe is glorious:


And so the "Parade of Heroes" , which somehow miraculously survived the bombing:


The mural is made entirely of Meissen porcelain. How the S.O. knows that is beyond me………..

And of course there was a Winter Market:


There is also the Zwinger Palace


The next day the S.O. dragged me over to Bolesweicz Poland for her real objective-shopping for Polish Pottery. We had lunch at a bit of a tourist trap restaurant -but still fun, nonetheless:



Yes it was a tourist place-but Poles gotta make money too, don't they. And besides the food was pretty good. Being from Pittsburgh, there was only one right thing to order-The Pierogi Sampler! Quite tasty!

I was surprised at the big difference in the way Poland looked and Germany did. It was quickly evident when you crossed the border. I did not expect that-especially since Bolesweicz was in what used to be German territory.

All in all though, if you come to Germany-Dresden is worth your time to visit. In the downtown they have put a lot of new and trendy restaurants with all kinds of cuisine. We discovered a really great Vietnamese restaurant.  Possibly the best one we have eaten in Germany. Now that's a plus.




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